Help appreciated: My monitor is filthy

I've searched the forum for a while and found lots of conflicting information. The best advice (I believe) I found was an article to "how-to-clean-lcd-monitors"


- Before cleaning remove the dust and any pet hair build up by using a soft dry lint free cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth and very gently remove from the screen.

- Do not press hard, push, prod or rub excessively against the screen surface.
Now dampen the cloth with some special LCD flat screen cleaner, distilled water or a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (do not use tap water as it leaves deposits and residue).

- Make sure to spray the cleaner onto your cloth first and not directly onto the monitor screen.

- Gently wipe the screen with the moistened cloth in a circular motion and do not leave any liquid on the screen surface.

I have two Dell U3011's. I use the monitors for work and they would be fairly expensive to replace, so I'd really appreciate if someone can share a safe and effective method for cleaning them. Here are pics of the screen:

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  1. The instructions you have are basically what I have done for years.
  2. personally i wouldnt use any alcohol based cleaners as i have heard they could over time eat away at the screen. i use nothing but plain tapwater.

    i soak a few paper towels in tapwater then wring them out so they are damp
    i wipe the whole screen surface down normally in side to side motions and then use my fingernail and a part of towel to get around the edges.
    i then wipe dry the surface of the screen with a dry paper towel
    i then use the dirty damp paper towel to wipe down the bezel, monitor stand and other nearby objects in need of cleaning.

    you could use a microfiber cloth or terry cloth if you wish, but it just is not practical.

    i have a $700 monitor which is now over 9 years old and still looks as good as new.
    i have a $1500 television which is now 4 years old which still looks as good as new.

    i might have used 3 paper towel rolls the entire 9 years on these products... compared to what "lcd cleaner" and special cloths might have cost.


    when cleaning you dont want to prod or poke the monitor with much force. you can use your fingernail for hard to remove clods of debris if you are carefull but i prefer to just wipe it side to side with the damp towel. normally this losens up everything.
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