How can I move programs from my boot drive to my data drive?

How can I move programs and files from my ssd boot drive to my data drive (Windows 7 x64 PC)?
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  1. files? just copy and paste

    programs? the best thing to do is uninstall and re-install with the data drive being the installation destination. I would NOT recommend copying program files from the program files folder to the data drive and expecting that the programs will work...
  2. steammover is capable of moving any program with zero issues.

    You could always create the symbolic links your self but the program is easier
  3. I agree with ittimjones and unksol. Files can just be cut and pasted onto the data drive without issue. Most programs can be re-installed onto the data drive. If for any reason the above two options aren't convenient, then symbolic links will do. Symbolic links fool all programs into thinking that the file is at the linked location. Steam Mover will make links automatically, while using they syntax "mklink /d linkName target" will create a link without the need of any software.
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