What Is Your Pc (honestly)

600E p3bf 440bx 256mb pc 100 sb live value d-link 10/100 3com 56k fax modem viper 2 50x rom 8x4x32 asus burner 30 gig maxtor acana 19" monitor. happy as a kid chargein a buck for really watered down lemonade.:)


Have a great weekend folks

I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug :)
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  1. Well my machine is a PIII 800Eb with 256 ram, 20gb hard drive, gforce 256 sdr video card, sb live and network card. does the job and then some, no duron/athlon 800 comes close
  2. athalon???
    learn to spell
    i've got a duron 700 and it kicks arse

    "In a world of order, Kaos rules"
  3. Actually i looked it up, and you were right. I never notice there was no extra a. Thanks.
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  4. Chill folks all i want to know is what evey one has for systems :)


    I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug :)
  5. Wusy calm down dude its a f*cking word christ take a pill.


    I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug ::
  6. It's ok, I realized i spelled it wrong, thanks for the correction, but it is same sh~t, different pile.
  7. It's actually Athlon. But don't worry 'bout it. We all make mistakes :)

    Okay, my primary system as of now. (I change it around quite often)
    Asus CUSL2-C
    256MB Crucial PC133
    IBM 75GXP 46.1GB HDD
    Toshiba 48x CD-ROM
    Plextor 12x10x32x CD-Writer
    SB Live Value
    MSI GF2MX w/ Vid-out
    3COM 3C905B-TX Ethernet Card
    Some crappy Thunderlink winmodem that I don't even use
    All on a Samsung 955DF which I <i>had</i> to get for myself because of the exceptional picture quality and price.

    Oh, yes, did I forget my floppy drive? NEC 1.44".

    Please visit <b><A HREF="http://www.ncix.com/shop/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048" target="_new">http://www.ncix.com/shop/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048</A></b>
  8. Nice ya i agree we all love those little cute dsl and cable modems dont we :) thanks fer the input and no one said yer athlon bad thats what my other post is for :) have a good one.


    I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug and gave wusy the finger
  9. other than some of the parts being a little bit older, that's not a bad machine. I find once you get a chip with the 133 FSB you see more improvement.
  10. I, have:
    *A pII 450mhz with 512kb cache.
    *A mercury celeron/pII motherboard.(max to 500mhz supporting).
    *128 pc100 sdram.
    *3.9 gb western digital.
    *6.9 gb western digital.
    *cdrom creative infra 6000.
    *cdr&rw sony 4x/2x/32x.
    *tv tuner mercury.
    *camera mercury.
    *creative tnt2 32mb.
    *500watt speakers.
    *us robotics externel 56k modem.
    *laser jet black and wight printer.
    But i'm planning on an athlon 1200mhz with a geforce 3.
  11. allright, I have two of them:

    one is an A-T-A-L-O-N-A OK!

    the other is P-E-E-E-E-E-T-H-R-E-E OK! too

    too many stuff on them, too much to list... hehe

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  12. Come on we showed ours you gotta show us yers it cant be that big :)


    I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug:)
  13. both. all of them. P3 is better for W2k, Atalona better for 9x (using ME-the bestest thing ever had).
    P3 has - 30 gig DeskStar, Plextor 161040, Zip100, Floppy, 256 PC133 Crucial, 32x tray less Pioneer, SCSI card, SCSI Quantum 4.5 gig, MX300, Asus 7700, CUSL2-C, 800MHzEB@whateverfeelslike.
    ATALONA has - 45 gig DeskStar, 128 PC133, CD Toshiba@didnotcountX, Floppy, Blaster sound, VooDoo 3500 TV, SCSI card, IBM 4.5 gig SCSI drive, KT7A, 900MHzB@whateverfeelslike.
    Both have USR 56k modems, dotn have any cabal or DeeSel in my area yet... hehe

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  14. ohhhh that is big hehehehe;)


    I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug:)
  15. i told you it is too many stuff... hehe

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  16. oh, i have 4 SCSI more drives and CD rom laying on the shelf, I am using them as dual-threeal-forreal if I need to test some stuff... hehe, dont like much noise, using only when needed

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  17. hmmm, ok, it seems like i am in need of an upgrade, everyone seems to have a fast cpu and everything to match, my cpu is outperformed by almost everything, i run a

    PIII 550
    Jetway BX MoBo
    320megs Cas 2 ram
    Geforce 2 GTS 32MB (i got it in june, and the price has gone up hehe)
    Sound Blaster 1024 Live
    30.7 gig IBM ATA/100 HDD
    10Mbit 3Com NIC
    4x4x24 creative burner
    6x Multi-Region DVD-Drive
    Dolby Surround Sound Hi-Fi hooked up to it
    and my baby, my 22" LaCie electron blue, ahhh...

    my processor doesnt match up with my graphics card, or my ram or my monitor, or anything for that matter, and im not looking to upgrade either, scary, this is a good box, but i cant wait until july (overclock project: "sneg" begins ill update it soon)

    where did all my money go, ahh... [-peep-], forgot that i lived in london
  18. Duron 700@700Mhz (and stays that way)
    ASUS A7V rev. 1.02 (no on-board sound)
    384Mb PC-133 CAS2 Hyundai
    GF2MX (Chaintech)
    SBLive value (plugged into KILLER sound system :)
    NEC 24X CD-ROM
    8.6Gb Seagate & 8.4Gb IBM HDD
    Genius GF100TXR 10/100 & 3Com 3c900 NIC's
    AOpen case (250W PSU)
    EIZO F56 17" monitor

    Runs more than fast enough for me, no fcking M$ software inside :)

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  19. i've got a decent rig but i'm thinking about upgrading, i'm not sure what yet...here it is:

    t-bird 900@1000 (default voltage)
    epox ep-8kta+ mobo
    384 megs micron pc133 (3x128)
    leadtek geforce2 gts w/vid out
    sb live mp3+
    4.1 speakers
    30gig quantum 7200rpm
    40gig western digital 7200rpm
    pioneer 16x dvd
    plextor 12/10/32 cd-rw
    cheap ethernet card
    cheap 17" monitor
  20. asus P3V4x
    P3 550e@814 1.75v 148fsb
    Annihilator 2 32mb 235/370 agp2x
    128mb micron pc133 cas3 at 148fsb
    10 gig Western Digital 7200 rpm udma66
    Vortex 2
    52x cdrom
    Soho nic
    Best Data 56k modem
    17 iin. sony monitor
  21. Computer 1: Primary use is program development

    AMD TBird 900
    Abit KT7-RAID
    256M RAM
    30GB 7200 Maxtor
    7GB 5400 Maxtor (for backup)
    8x4x32 CDRW
    50X CDROM
    Diamond Modem
    Cable modem
    GForce2 MX
    SB Live!
    Compac 151FS Monitor

    Computer 2: Primary use: Gaming (my son's)

    Intel Celeron 400 @ 450
    DFI P2XBL motherboard
    128M RAM
    WD 45GB 5400
    24x CDROM
    SB Multi CD (real old!)
    5 1/4 inch floppy (need for old customers!)
    Compac 1024 monitor

    Computer 3: Internet access and gaming (my daughters)

    Intel Pentium MMX 200
    QDI TX motherboard
    64M RAM
    Guillemot Banshee
    SB 16
    6GB WD
    Aopen Modem
    Samtron 14" monitor

    Computer 4: Laptop for business trips

    Compac Presario 7792 (266 Pent mmx, 96M RAM)
    Docking Station
    10x CDROM
    17" Compac Monitor
  22. 2 Machines

    Asus A7v
    512 MB Ram
    Promis Controller w/ 3 Maxtor 20 GB ATA100 7200 RPM Raid0
    Plextor 12/10/32 CD-RW
    Tnt2 m64 (for now)
    Cable Modem/Proxy Sever
    Advanced Server

    750 Mhz
    Asus A7V
    256MB RAM
    Maxtor 20 GB ATA100 7200 RPM
    Sound blaster Live
    TNT2 32MB
    Win 2000 / Windows ME

    People say AMD not for servers? Have yet to reboot mine 3 Months and going.......................

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink
  23. Well here's the rig:

    P3 500e @ 1ghz, 200fsb "in your face tom!"
    386 pc150 sdram
    Aopen AX3SP Pro (i815ep)
    (4)9.1gb 7200rpm ata100 / raid 0+1 -- Abit hotrod 100
    Creative Labs 5x dvd
    Lite-on 12x10x32 cdrw
    Wintv go!
    ATi Radeon 32mb DDR
    SB live! mp3+
    2 piece speakers w/ sub-woofer
    10/100 Ethernet PCI card
    cable modem
    Lexmark 1100
    -- :cool:

    My internet server

    K6-2 300
    64mb pc150 sdram
    Aopen ax5tc (430tx)
    (2)13gb 5400rpm ATA33 / Raid 1
    Abit hod rod 100
    50x CD-ROM
    Creative labs Savage4 32mb
    Sound Blster 16
    2 piece speakers
    10/100 ethernet
    256k dsl connection
    -- :cool:

    P3 500e@1ghz/i815ep/386mb/36gb/sb mp3+/radeon32mb :cool: k6-2 300/430tx/64mb/13gb/sb512/Sav4 32mb
  24. (Before it fried):
    Thunderbird 1GHz @1.2GHz (actually 1199MHz but hey)
    ASUS A7V
    256MB PC133 CAS2 Infineon SDRAM @ 142MHz
    GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR
    SB LIVE! X-Gamer
    40GB Maxtor DiamondPlus
    Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard Pro
    Komodo 19" monitor

    thats all i can think of

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  25. 2 Athlon Thunderbirds.
    1. Asus A7V w/ TBird 700@850MHz.
    Asus V-7100 MX Vid card.
    Quantum Atlas III 18.3G SCSI LVD.
    IBM Ultrastar 4.3G SCSI LVD.
    Quantum FireBall+ 27G IDE HD.
    Asus E608 8X DVD-ROM.
    Yamaha CRW8424S CDRW.
    Adaptec AHA-2940 U2W controller card.
    RealTek(chip) RTL-8129 NIC.
    SoundBlaster Live! Value.
    DualBoot Win2000 & Win98.
    2. Abit KT7-Raid w/ TB 700@850MHz.
    IBM Deskstar 34GXP 27.3G.
    IBM Deskstar 25GXP 13.5G.
    Pioneer DVD-114 10X.
    Ricoh 6/4/24X SCSI CDRW.
    Guillemot Prophet MX Vid.
    Tekram DC-390U2W controller card.
    SoundBlaster Live! Value.
    RealTek(chip) RTL-8129 NIC.
    Run Win2000 (Dualboot w/ Win98) and WinME.
  26. Just got it all running last week. :)

    Tbird 1.1 @ 1.3 (130x10)
    Abit KT7-raid
    512 megs PC133
    voodoo3 2k @ 166mhz
    3com 905tx 10/100 NIC
    USR 56k hardware pro modem
    Adaptec 2940uw scsi
    STB Desktop TV tuner
    SB Live w/Hoontech spdif bracket
    18 gig ide WD hd (7200 rpm)
    27 gig ide maxtor hd (5400 rpm)
    4.5 gig uw scsi quantum hd (7200 rpm)
    Plextor 40x max cdrom
    Plextor 8/20 cdr
    Pioneer 303s 6x scsi dvd
    Internal ide ZIP drive
    1.44mb floppy
    InWin Q500 full tower w/300w ps

    I need some better cooling for this beast. :D
  27. Hey RCF, care to show some WCPUID screens?

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  28. Gateway Select 475:

    AMD K6-2 475MHz
    128MB PC100
    13GB ATA/66 or 33
    ATI Rage Pro on board
    Sound Blaster on board
    NEC DVD-ROM and Floppy
    56k modem and Netgear 10Mbps NIC

    But soon:

    ASUS A7V133
    Athlon 1GHz
    256MB PC133
    WD 30GB UATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
    GeForce2 MX 32MB
    Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI
    2.1 Speaker system
    Creative CD-ROM and HP Cd-Writer
    56k Modema and NetGear NIC.
  29. Puter #1
    Asus av7
    1 gig T-bird @ 1.2gig @ 42*c (the damn thing will not go higher than 1250 see post in OC cpu)
    Fop 32
    256 meg pc133
    Plextor 8x4x32
    Sound blaster live value
    Nic card
    Leadtek geforce 2 mx dual out @ 220/215 @40*C
    30 gig IBM 75gxp
    lots of fans
    wireless Logitech kb&m with the cool mouse
    usb 250 zip drive
    17” mon

    Puter #2
    K6-2 450
    Soyo mb with on board sound and video
    196 megs pc100
    12 gig 7200 rpm Maxtor
    17” mon


    "Work is the curse of the drinking class"
  30. TBird 950 @ 1050
    Asus A7V
    PC133 128MB Ram
    Voodoo Banshee(dont anyone say anything :smile: )
    SB Live! value
    Asus 50x CDrom, unknown 32x CDrom, Acer 32x 8x 4x CDrom
    Western digital 30GB/ATA100
    Compaq MV500 monitor
    Realtek RTL8029 NIC
    SupraExpress 56i Pro

    <b><font color=red>Facts speek for themselfs</b></font color=red>
  31. The reason I asked him for WCPUID screenshots is because I don't believe him. I will if he shows me them screens.

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  32. Athlon-Thunderbird-c 1GHz! (from Dresden (copper core))
    A7V133 mobo
    IBM Deskstar 30GB 7200RPM
    Geforce2 GTS 32MB DDR
    Pioneer 16X DVD
    Panasonic 8x4x32 CD-RW
    256MB CAS2 Crucial PC133 SDRAM
    Sound Blaster Live! Value
    Sony 19" CDP-G400 monitor!
    US Robotics 56K Modem!

    Does this system rock or what?!

    - I don't write Tom's Hardware Guide, I just preach it"
  33. What's even funnier about wusy's posts is the grammar in his sig is horrible. Everything is spelled correctly though :P

    (It's "reviews are", not "reviews is")

    Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree.
  34. Oh, and I have a Tbird 900@1100, 128 MB Infineon PC 133 CAS 2, GF2 GTS @ 220/385, Asus A7V, SB Live! MP3+ 5.1 digital, 30 gig Quantum AS, 16X Pioneer DVD, 19" KDS Avitron .24 ag, and some cheap ethernet card.

    Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree.
  35. CPU: AMD Athlon 650
    RAM: 256MB
    MB: ASUS K7V
    GC: Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (GeForce256 DDR)
    SC: Sound Blaster Live! Player1024
    Mpeg/DVD Decoder: Creative Dxr3
    TV-Tuner/Mpeg2-Encoder: Haupauge WinTV PVR
    DVD: Creative 6x
    SCSI: Adaptec 1505
    CDRW: Yamaha 6w4rw16r (scsi)
    HDD1: IBM DTLA-307075 (76.8GB UDMA100)
    HDD2: IBM DTLA-305040 (41.1Gb UDMA100)
    Modem: 56k USB Modem.
    A bigass Case with a hell of a lotta fans.

    oh yeah, an IRDA Port which I mainly use to put new ring tones and logos onto my mobile (cellphone - for all you yanks)

    (I Promised myself not to upgrade until the hammer is widely available)

    <i><b><font color=red>"2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2"</font color=red></b></i><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by holygrenade on 03/11/01 01:05 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  36. How 'bout some punctuation in your signature, then. Specifically, a "comma".
  37. You can follow the link in my signature (It's the Gaming system, Athlon 800) for my system. I gaurantee that my system would beat yours like the red headed step child that it is.

    Disclaimer: This is not an insult, just letting you know that you could use a video upgrade. (so could I for that matter)

    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737</A>
  38. Oh boy , a pissing contest! lol
    and ive gotta go bad.

    check it out .
    this is the fastest 800 t-bird 3d gaming machine on 3dmark @ madonion.com

    t-bird 800 @ various speeds currently @ 933 133/33 x 7
    @ 133/33 plus hstclk 10 = 143 // x 7 = 1001 benchmarks off the charts!
    hecules prophet 2 gts ultra
    sb live x-gamers
    256 mbs mushkin hp cas2 rev 3 @ 150 mhz running @ 133mhz

    single cd-rom ( old one from a "96" compaq presario he he he ) im waiting for the plextor i ordered.

    20 g maxtor 7200 rpm ata/100 udma

    6 g western gigital ata/100( os only)


    microsoft explorer 5 button + wheel laser no ball mouse

    sisoft sandra say's memory benchmarks:

    @ 133 fsb drystone587 / whtestone 577

    @143 fsb dry 577 / whet 628

    2 145 FSB DRY 597 / WHET660


    133 FSB = 2591
    @140 = 2789
    @ 145 = 2833

    check out the url's below, the first is clocked @ 1ghz so im listed with the rest of the 1 ghz but im 4rth out of those!

    the second one is @ 975, top dog last time i checked.

    and the third was @ 896 i believe again 1st unless these have changed wich they do all the time.

    currently at 933 i score 7900 to 8200 ish without tweaking or changing anything else from the way i usually run the system.
    at 800 its not even close. sorry.

    q3 200 fps constant & 125 fps online @ 1600 x 1200 default settings.

    unreal tourny 75 to 110 fps online or off everything on including 4x gl antialiasing

    Compare URL: http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare.shtml?1498434

    Compare URL: http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare.shtml?1486487

    Compare URL: http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare.shtml?1481687

    come again now ya here.
    my 1200 isnt built all the way yet but ill let ya know.
    i plan on breaking 11000 pts 3dmark!

    ps, sutcliff thats the funniest [-peep-] ever ,i followed that link and also set up a sysrig.
    what a joke , get this , you put in the info and it posts it.
    im thinking of posting a p5 or t-bird 2.5 ghz just to see who catches it.
    ill leave the urrl here for the one i just did.

    but why waste your time i couldve put anything i wanted.

    thats just dumb.

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  39. P200mmx
    64mbs EDO RAM
    12mb Voodoo 2 video card
    shity IBM Mwave modem/soundcard
    Plextor 8-4-32 CDRW
  40. There's no punctuation because it's supposed to be sung without a break. They're lyrics from "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band.

    Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree.
  41. AMD Athlon 800
    Gigabyte 7zm running at 118 Mhz bus-double pumped

    CPU at 948 Mhz
  42. yeah, lol thats gonna be tough to beat!

    I built the 800 i used above for my kids ( i have three)

    the 1200 i am in the process of building now , i have the kt7a-raid board and 2 more 128 mb sticks of the mushkin cas 2 rev 3 memory as it was cheaper to buy 4 128 modules ( $399.00 including shipping and tax) than one at a time $ 113 each,
    and the motherboards i saved a few bucks buy buying two at a time, i really bought 4 of em. he he

    for cooling im thinking about a peltier or something, thats what everyone ive spoken to has suggested, i dont know anything about them but i bookmarked a few places to go back and research, that and i read grizzly's post on cooling his chip......sorry griz 8<

    anyway its going to be fun to research and build , i will let ya know via some new posts when i find something kooooooooool,
    sorry couldnt resist.
  43. hey dude, how do you get your computer specs on anandtech like that?

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  44. *P3 733
    *Abit SE6
    *256 megs Crucial PC133
    *Hercules GF2 Pro
    *SB Live XGamer
    *Altec Lansing ATP5(great 4 points, great bass)
    *Sigma Designs Real Hollywood DVD decoder
    *3Com 3c905B-TX nic
    *Toshiba 12x DVD
    *Sony 10x4x32 CDRW
    *Maxtor 20.4 ATA 100; 7200 rpm divided 14.3gig win2k; 4.8gig win98
    *Logitech keyboard
    *Intellimouse USB(hey it was free)
    *KDS 19" FD trinitron
    *Logitech Wingman 3D extreme
    *Microsoft game pad
    *Generic screwless case
    *Antec 300 watt P/S

    Works nicely for me, looking to get a 700 and oc to 933 though.

    I used to be into necrophilia and bestiality, but then I realized I was just beating a dead horse.
  45. mine
    dell inspiron 8000
    PIII 700-550
    815 chipset
    ATI Rage M4 32meg
    128megs ram
    20gig ata33 4200rpm
    pci sound

    wife's/net server
    Compaq POS 5000 series
    my AMD tbird 1ghz
    96megs ram pc 100 cuz I'm cheap
    Asus v7100 @ 175/175
    20gig Seagate 7200 ata66
    30gig WD 5400 ata66
    3gig WD dunno ata33
    52ish cdrom
    ac97 sound
    netgear 311tx
    two starband pci satellite internet cards, one rx, one tx.
    and a partridge in a pear treeeeee...

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  46. *PIII 800EB@888 - Golden Orb - Artic Silver II
    *256MB Kingmax CAS 3@148
    *Asus P3V4X
    *ATI Radeon 64DDR @ 210 (rock stable too with no additional cooling)
    *Pioneer 16X DVD-Rom
    *SCSI Yamaha 8*8*24 CDRW
    *Zip 100MB
    *Maxtor 7200 40GB
    *Aureal Vortex2 SuperQuad Digital PCI
    *Cable Modem
    *19" Quantex XP190
    *330W Enermax Power Supply
    *2 Sunon 60MM fans
    *System Blower

    3dmark2000 5755 @ 1024*768*16 - default

    And that's about it. Oh yeah have a duron 700, PIII 600, K6-2 450, and a PII 400. Too may machines! Oh yeah still got parts from some old Pentium 100 and 133s as well!

    At bus stations, busses stop. At train stations, trains stop. My desk has a work station. GO FIGURE!
  47. yeah..i think my system could beat yours dsutcliff

    AMD Tbird 850@1000
    Chrome Orb w/ Arctic Silver (yeah i know i need a better hsf)
    MSI K7T Pro
    384mb 3-3-2 PC-133 Mushkin w/Infineon Chips
    VisionTek Geforce2 GTS w/BlueOrb @240-385
    Maxtor 40gig ATA-66
    16x Pioneer DVD
    12x10x32 Iomega Zipcd
    Creative X-Gamer!
    Sigma Designs Realmagic MPEG2 Decoder
    Linksys 10/100
    3Com HomeConnect Cable Modem
    2x80mm Sunon w/Blowholes
    Midtower Hydraulic Case
    Windows ME
    300 watt Antec PS
    Klipsch Promedia 4.1@400 true RMS Watts
    3Dmark of 6776 @1024x768x32, 2x2 FSAA
    All drivers/progs updated

    Solid as a rock

    Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining, but Lightning Kills Hundreds of People Each Year Who Are Trying to Find It.
  48. yeah i know orbs suck...it came on my cpu/mobo combo. i'm contemplating getting a wbk-38....i want a swiftech mc-462 but now way i shelling out 80 bucks for a hsf.
  49. new stuff: TBird 900 in the mail, gonna oc it to the highest i can get while still stable with a fop38 coolin it and some artic silver 2 grease. on a a7v133 with 512 meg pc133 cl2 ram (gonna install win2k obviously and play with linux). sb live! value oem card. ibm 75gxp 45gig 7200rpm uata 100 hd in the mail. housed in a 4Q full tower for only $47 (i gipped the case, but i really didn't care anyhow, just matters how it works for me, it has a good 300w psu in it). cooling with 1 120mm 131cfm sunon fan on intake(filter) and 2 92mm 55cfm/fan sanyon denki's on outake.

    old stuff: dell/trinitron p990, 18" viewable, optimal res 1024 x 768 at 75 Hz or 85 Hz, max res 1600 x 1200 at 75 Hz. using my old viper II v770 d (riva tnt2) with 32 meg, i know that sux, but i don't plan on playing too many games, but if i do play some, it's worked fairly well in the past for me. plextor 12/10/32A. iomega zip drive. possibly a dvd. linksys 10/100 ethernet card hooked up to 1.5 Mbps dl/ul cable. acs495 speakers. hp deskjet 882c. APC back-ups pro 650. m$oft optical mouse. regular kboard. floppy, etc.

    possibility for raid 0 if i pop in another good hd (a7v133 supports it i think?).
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