Best Device for Basics, and can read.CBR and .PDF

I have been looking into laptops, netbooks, tablet pcs, and now tablets!
I wanted something that I could read my eComics and eBooks, so I have considered the T91 from Asus, cuz about some price as the Nook Color. But i figured something that just reads books and comics isn't worth if I could get internet also.

So I didn't realize that there are sub 500$ and even under $300 price tags on android tablets. I just knew the iPad was 800$ so I assumed all tablets would be 500+.

Anyways, I am wondering what would you recommend for something that does ecomics, ereaders and internet. I would prefer if it could do word processing. Pretty much a device I could take with me pretty much anywhere (school, library and couch)

So if you know of a nice little device thats out there let me know! I was really into the tablet pc netbooks, because they were perfect little guys. But the T101 from Asus is 500$, and for that I could get something really nice, like one of those over priced anrdroid tablets that has some special imprint that makes them twice as much, you know that apple that was bitten into by bill gates! lol
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  1. The Nook Color with the Android 2.2 upgrade would be a good option.

    The new crop of tablets and slates just introduced @ CES are too new to have everything sorted out.
    Ideally you'd want something that is hardware compatible with Android 2.3 (or even 3.0) which I don't believe would be a Nook Color.
  2. If you need something in a hurry you might want to check out the Archos 70 Internet Tablet

    Also a good read.
  3. I was looking through Archos's and they all seem pretty cool.
    I am sure I will have about 900$, to either spend all on a super nice laptop or do a total upgrade on my latest build.
    Then my idea was to buy a cheap device maybe 200-400, because I was going to upgrade my laptop(total 200$), but my sister wanted it back, so she said she would give me 200$, so anything that is under 400$, wouldn't disrupt what I want to upgrade on my desktop. So if I had 400$, or maybe drop a few items for my upgrades for my build I could potentially have about 500$.

    The one device I really like, is the Asus T101(t91 I can't find). The only thing about the T101 is that I think it is to expensive even for netbook standards. But the fact of the matter is, I couldn't get a nook color/archos and a netbook for under 500$.
    The T101, would be accessible for all things internet, including eReaders, browsing and doing school work online. Not to mention I could do more on it then any regular tablet.

    But the T101 seems to be the ideal pick, especially cause it can do any thing a laptop could do(as far as basic necsesitys go)
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