[Crawl] The Grey Elf (only) ability GLAMOUR

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While trying to find some information about 'GLAMOUR' (for grey elves
only, probably high elves too), I was browsing the code and found what I
was looking for. I guess the missing description was intended to be
shown on the "Mutations & other Weirdness" screen, as I found later from
a spoiler mentioning a similar (or the same, but stronger?) ability for
high elves, but it never did.
From what I've read in both changes.340/.400, I suspect the descriptive
part (at least) must have been forgotten.

To see whether the spell itself works (according to changes.400 it
should), I'll start casting the spell with monsters in my vicinity...

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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.roguelike.misc (More info?)

    Rubinstein wrote:

    [missing description for GLAMOUR]

    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't talking about the "you are very charming"
    while the spell is active. There should be a complete description of
    what this ability actually does.

    And yes, the spell itself works.

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