Ultra SPARC 3 The Manly Mans Processor

Im not too sure why we argue so much over processors dont we all know that the Utra SPARC 3 is the real deal. must be too much processor for old tommy to handle eh :)
have a great weekend folks cept wusy :(


I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug :)
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  1. They are both RISC orientated SPARC is faster and more powerfull than the g4 but id hate to admit it but the g4 beats the amd and intels too not the fastest but RISC is a superior design.


    I saw the future it gave me a big intel hug:)
  2. I dont think so suns been makeing them since the 80 's intel and amd got a long ways to go :)


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  3. IBM RULES !!! Wait doesnt IBM make supercomputers smarter then tom? Well i would 1000 -450mhz PowerPC in a beowulf cluster any day.

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  4. G4 has a brilliant architecture in terms of the power consumption and the heat dissapation (I suppose both are related)

    On some models you dont even need a passive heatsink let alone a fan.

    Its streaming SIMD technology is way ahead of AMD and intel processors.

    About Supercomputers... Do cray still make supercomputers, they use to make the best ones

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  5. Cray was bought by SGI a wile back and then sold to Tera Computer Company in March2000. They are starting to branch into Linux clusters.
  6. Unix not linux , linux is garbage unix is a real operating sytems and in some respects better than windows 2k and other not i still like the GUI in win2k versus the command line promt of unix but hey they do what there were ment to do be rock solid and dependable.


    I saw the furure it gave me a big intel hug:)
  7. well, hotmail servers are on Unix and they're always getting hacked.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

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  8. No they arnt silly dilly microsoft uses win2k advanced and database on em they even say so on there site. on and unix is really really hard to hack if you know how to set it up i think they maybe at the point 2k is at now, almost impossible to hack .


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  9. I wrote Linux and ment Linux. You dont know of what you speak.
  10. no they are not! they are using Unix on the Hotmail servers!

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  11. i really dont want to argue with you guys you are so damn stubborn its makeing me sick when anyone puts an opinion down you are the first to discredit it you are just like fugger and amdmeltdown being im only 19 and a drop out maybe i dont know more than you guys but at least im open to others opinions and thoughts .


    Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man:)
  12. the g4 is a 128 bit processor, apple leaped past the 64 bit stage

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  13. the g4 is a 32bit processor. the 128bits has to do with the memeory interface or something.
  14. I read something about NEC and cray teaming up for selling supercomputers in the US. Dont know about the rest of the world. As for NEC, didnt they buy packard bell?

    A mime is a great thing to waste! :lol:
  15. the P4 has a higher spec mark their either ultra spark 3 or
    G4 and anything out there ..

    the spark just got recalled and delayed because of a terrible cache error on smp which was causing server to crash too

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  16. One question for ya... How the [-peep-] did you get the p3 500 to run at double the speed? that's incredible!!! Well done!

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