I need some advice!

I am about to purchase a new computer system. I am looking at a Dell and a Gateway. My question is should I get the Gateway with the AMD 1200mhz with 256 133mhz SDRAM or the Dell with PIII 1000 mhz with 512 133mhz SDRAM. Dell is offer a double the memory for free that’s the reason for the 512.

I am not a gamer, but I do some web page design, digital imaging, MP3's and would like to get into some video editing. I also want a system that will run fast, especially Microsoft Office programs and not a system that shuts down a lot.

I am willing to spend around $3000 for a good system that will last me for a number of years. I am definitely not a computer expert so any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. i build my own computers so i don't know which company to recommend but as far as the systems go i would prefer the athlon. you can buy a top quality 256meg ram stick for under $100 so the dell offer doesn't mean much. i know dell has a good reputation (and my father's dell works pretty well). i'm sure gateway is fine also (no personal experience). as i said, i would prefer the athlon and i believe it would be a better deal...
  2. Go for the athlon offer, because the athlon is fastest than the pIII 1000mhz, and you can upgrade it later with a more powerfull cpu without changing the board.
    But, if you buy the pIII, you have to switch for p4 to upgrade, so you have to buy a new motherboard, and new rdram, and it costs you o lot of money.

    But if i was at your place with 3000$ i can make a super system overclockable to 1550 mhz, so try not to buy from
    dell or other make your computer.
    See this for example:
    *Processor: AMD Athlon-c Socket A 1200 Mhz.
    *Motherboard:Abit kt7a Raid, 6pci...
    *Ram: 512Mb PC133 SDRAM.(or more)
    **Hard Drive: IBM 75.0 GB UDMA/100 7200 RPM.
    DVD Drive: Creative Labs encore 12X DVD (With hardware decoder).
    *Video Card: Hercules 3D Prophet III GeForce 3 64 Mb - DDR *DVI and TV out.(In case you want to play or to work on a 3d program.)
    *Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live ! Platinum 5.1.
    *Speakers: Desktop Theatre 5.1 DTT 3500 6 speaker system (Black).
    *Floppy Drive: 3.5in Floppy Disk Drive.
    *a powerful fan for the cpu(SO you can overclock your system to 1550 MHZ).
    *And a sony trinitron flat screen 19".
    ALL of this will cost you aproximatly 2800 to 2900$.
  3. i would say go with the athonlon also but
    you might want to look at aleinware.com(proably didn't spell it right)i've heard that they have so pretty good products
  4. If you are going to buy a pre-built box Alienware is the way to go here is a basic example of some of their stuff. And you can get what ever you want.

    Case: SAUCER SILVER ATX Mid-Tower Case (300-Watt PS)
    Processor: AMD Athlon 'Thunderbird' 1.2GHz 3DNow! Processor
    Hi-Performance Heatsink/CPU Cooling Fan
    VIA KT133 Motherboard w/1AGP/6PCI for Athlon Processors
    Standard 1.44MB Floppy Drive
    Memory: 384MB SDRAM (PC-133)
    Keyboard: SAUCER SILVER 107-Enhanced Windows Keyboard
    Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer - USB
    Hard Drive: 60GB HD 8.5ms seek time, 7200RPM, UltraATA
    Hard Drive 2: (None)
    SCSI/IDE Controller: (None)
    Monitor: Viewsonic 17" G70B Black, .27mm dp SVGA Monitor
    Video Cooling: KoolMaxx Video Cooling System
    Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS w/32MB DDR 4X AGP
    Sound Card : SoundBlaster LIVE! Value
    CD-ROM : (None)
    DVD-ROM : Pioneer 16X DVD 40X w/Hardware MPEG-2 Decoder
    Storage : PlexWriter 16X/10X Write 40X Read CDR-W Recordable-IDE
    Storage 2: (None)
    Modems : US Robotics V.90 56K Internal Voice/Fax/Data
    Speakers : Klipsch ProMedia V.2 4.0 400-Watt THX Speakers & Subwoofer
    Controller: (None)
    Controller 2: (None)
    Ethernet NIC: PCI Ethernet 10-100 NIC
    Warranty: Aliencare Toll-Free 1-Year 24/7 ONSITE Warranty (No-Charge)
    Games: (None)
    Productivity Software: (None)
    Free installation & configuration of favorite games
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows Millennium
    Performance Benchmarks Documentation
    Personalized Technical Support Manual
    Latest Drivers
    Shipping Method: Free Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air (through March 31, 2001) (Monitor not included)

    (Please allow 30 days for delivery)
    Total = $ 2736.36

    Sounds like a kick ass computer for your budget

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  5. They also offer Intel products if you are not into getting more bang for the buck. Since you are not putting the computer together you don't have to worry about forgetting to put on the hsf. But you have to decide Intel or AMD, both are great one is just cheaper.

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink
  6. <b>My question is should I get the Gateway with the AMD 1200mhz with 256 133mhz SDRAM or the Dell with PIII 1000 mhz with 512 133mhz SDRAM.</b>
    You should pay more attention on Vid card and Hard Disk as well as other components before deciding to buy which one.
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