Seeking advice for a gamer mouse


I am looking for a gamer mouse, particularly but not exclusively for Diablo 3.
I've never had any gamer mouse, just a standard optical mouse.

I know i want at least 4 buttons on the side (6 would be nice too) and i am right-handed.
I'm not sure what i should be looking for or where i should be looking.

I've looked at Razer products and they seem very nice, although a bit pricy, but that doesn't really matter. A mouse under a 100$ would be a good range for me
Also, i checked their guide for grip styles and i think i'd be in the "palm grip" category.

As a side note, sorry if it's not the right place to post that, i wasn't sure where to post it.

Well i hope to have some help on the matter, thanks in advance for anyone who answers.
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  1. razer products are overpriced for what they are. the deathadder however does make for a good palm grip mouse if you can get past the fact that it is covered in rubber and requires constant wipedowns (with inert liquid such as water only) due to the fact that it is a dust magnet.

    you might want to doublethink your idea about lots of side buttons. while it may sound nice, actually using these is not always as easy as you would think. the large 2 side buttons on the razer work better an easier than the 4 i had on a previous mouse which were rather small. just something to think on.
  2. While i understand what you are saying, especially since i have always used a standard mouse, if i buy a new mouse i would find 4 buttons very nice.

    As far as razer products goes, the only one i've seen that has a good amount of buttons for my needs and nice design is the razer naga hex which has 6 buttons in a circular way. I am not sure if there are other ones that have 4-6 buttons from other brands.

    The razor naga epic is one that has way too many buttons though (12).

    Thanks for the reply still, i'd like to have more feedback.
  3. Hm. i can't edit my own post... anyway.
    I was wrong. This is the mouse overkill :P
  4. Hmmm thanks for all the suggestions. I have posted on other forums too and right now my top choices are the logitech g9x, razer naga hex, roccat kone+ and maybe steelseries diablo 3 mouse.

    My main concern is with the razer naga hex though, some people say loud noises coming from speakers make the mouse cursor move by itself. Not sure if that problem is still there or if it's even true, i hope not because the mouse does look pretty good.
  5. the only reason i recommend against too many buttons is because i used to own a mouse with 6 extra buttons (3 side, 3 top). while true that you can map more functions to a mouse with more buttons it was more irritating than not to try and use them in the midst of a game.

    the buttons on a razer deathadder are easily pressed by your thumb which makes it very easy to know what you are pressing. while it only suports a two extra commands then a basic mouse the ease in which you can access those commands make it more ideal in my opinion.


    i've heard good things about the g9. i've owned logitech keyboards and mice before and they normally are a good value for the money.

    remember that you do not need a gaming mouse. even office type mice will work.
  6. I got a Razer Naga Hex afterall. Only thing is i had an issue that the mouse would not work after a restart, had to replug it everytime. Took me a little while but i fixed it, i really hope Razer takes care of that issue because it's stupid.

    Other than that, the mouse is just fantastic, fits my small hands very nicely and the thumb rest is at a good spot. It's amazing how well it works with Diablo 3 and the other action rpgs!
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