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Looking for a nice gaming laptop that can play a lot of the big games I was thinking like the asus j73 but I'm not sure anyone that can help
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  1. You should be able to find something you like over @
  2. If your budget covers the Asus ASUS G53JW models you might want to wait a few weeks and grab one of the new generation SandyBridge equipped laptops.
    A more powerful/faster CPU and a next generation GPU as well. AMD has it's new 6000series mobility chips and Nvidia is pushing it's new 500 series with the new SandyBridge laptops.
    AMD launches Radeon HD 6000M Series Laptop GPUs
    Nvidia launch GeForce GT 500M series and GTX 485M GPU
    Intel Core i7-2720QM Sandy Bridge
    Intel’s Sandy Bridge: Upheaval in the Mobile Landscape
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    The G73 is a great gaming laptop. I do however agree with WR2, at this point it's best to wait a few weeks to either get new generation Asus G series or take advantage of expected price drops with their current lineup. I made the same mistake last year when I bought my G72. Had I waited just 2 weeks I could have gotten a G73 instead (I did however get a great deal on the G72 do to price drops associated with the release of the G73).
  4. Ok thanks for the help
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