Inspiron 9300 Battery not charging

I have an Inspiron 9300, the battery hasn't been charging. The laptop works fine as long as I keep it plugged in. I've replaced the battery and the power supply. Is there something else I can try before looking into a Motherboard.
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  1. By a process of elimination, it's a component on the motherboard. Good deductive reasoning, even if you didn't realise it.

    I've had problems with a pair of Inspirons -- one won't charge a battery but runs fine off PSU and will run from battery charged in the second Inspiron.
  2. The Battery Icon should tell you whats up if you mouse over it. It should say "Plugged In Charging", if it says "Unknown Adapter" it is getting power but doesn't like the adapter and won't charge with it.

    Your Dell may be too old, but going to the BIOS with F2 on POST has battery and charger info as well.
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