120hz 1920x1080 1080P Monitor needed for BF3!

Im in the market for a nice 23-24 inch 120hz 1920x1080 1080P Monitor to use to play BF3 on Ultra settings using the $1000 Enthusiast build article from this month. Anyone have any suggestions?

I live in Canada and would prefer it be from a website that allows Debit to be used online if possible.
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  1. You need to provide us with a budget first. If you can afford it, the BenQ XL2420T is about as good as they come. I don't know if newegg.ca allows debits but I know they accept them here in the States.

  2. Oh, $200-300 would be the monitor budget
  3. It actually seems to be a pretty darn good monitor especially for the price.

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