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What is the real advantage, if any, for a dual processor system?? I'm ot talking about running 3Dstudio.... I'm talking about more common apps, like games (quake, tribes, etc), internet apps, MP3 and MPG4 utilities, etc on a Win2000 system. It is so cheap nowadays to go dual that if the benefit is there then why not? Also do you think that since WindowsXP will support dual processors, and become the main stream OS from Miscrosoft, that developers will begin inserting SymmetricalMultiProcessing into new software and games that are developped?

Why do i ask:
I have a P6DBU motherboard (dual slot1 from Supermicro). I have a Piii800 in it, and recently added a piii850 for about two or three hours. (I know your not supposed to do that, but oh well). While my games would not run (because the difference in clock speed) my Windows2000Pro installation was FLYING!. Boot times were cut in half, (i timed it). Everythig was responding so fast it was like a putting a fresh Win95 install on a Piii500. FAST! And all of that for roughly $300 (+$100 for difference between single and dual motherboard and +$200 for the Piii850). I think that this was worth it.

So what is the real deal with duals anyhow?
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  1. duals are great for software that supports them.but if the software dosen't support it then only one cpu is used in a dual system even if you have two installed
  2. If you have a dual board and want a speed upgrade then for sure drop in another processor. More and more software is SMP capable (the new FlaskMPEG is SMP) and even if it isn't, you can shift all your background processes to one cpu and use the other exclusively for whatever app you are running.

    If you are multitasking two processors will make a considerable difference. You can rip a cd and play a game or whatever at the same time with hardly any performance hit by running each app on a different processor.

    On the downside the EAX on SBLive cards doesn't work well on dual machines due to crappy drivers. Creative Labs recognizes the problem and say they are working on a fix. MP3s, DVD, etc all works fine 'tho.

    I have an Asus P2B-D (440BX) with dual PIII-800E cB0 @ 900 each and it flies.

    - JW
  3. I agree totally with this. My friend has an old Abit BP6 with dual celeron 466's under win2k. When he added a second chip everything under win2k was faster. Boot time, app loading time, everything was faster. Mostly because win2k splits tasks between chips normally or you can assign all background tasks to one chip and any other apps you have open to the same chip and use the other for a game or really intensive app. I wonder if there is a list of what sortware supports SMP anywere. That would be nice to know.

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