Major Athlon 1.2ghz over-heating problems

I upgraded my pc to an abit KT7A Raid Pro 133 motherboard and an athlon 1.2ghz. It works fine in standard usage however whenever i run games it crashes after about minute. Its an over heating issue becasue i have software that tells me the cpu temp and i get a popup window just before it crashes saying that it is out of range i.e over 50*. I have tried two different heatsinks/fans which say they are both acceptable up to 1.5ghz and differing amounts of thermal compound but none seem to work Can someone please advise a good working cpu cooling kit or explain how i can get the temperature lower....P.s. I already have a 300w Ps so its nothing to do with that.

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  1. I also, have a TB1.2, haven't had much time to play around too much, but waht was your TEMP when it crash. is it 50C or over 50 as it won't record above 50. I think I'm going to play around alittle after church today. soooo

    what HSF you using, i'm using the FAT taisol with YS fan. and it seem to be idleing around 39-42 that in a very warm stuffy room.

    OHH was you 1.2 L1 cut??? or LOCk.
  2. The two cooling units i have tried are the Thermaltake super ord twin fan and the cooler master ch5-5k12 gas cooling unit. It is always above 50* just before it crashes. I dont know what you mean about my chip being cut or locked? I have been told to try arctic white silicon paste in between the cpu and cooler but will this really do much difference to my current silicon compound?
  3. Yeah, some thermal paste does help. My experience was it reduced temparature about 5c.
  4. You should take it to your local computer reapir store let them check it out for you might save you a few hours of confusion and headache:)


    Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man:)
  5. What software is monitoring your CPU temperature? The maximum threshold is set too low. Depending on the HSF you have, your 1.2ghz Athlon can easily go above 50*. My 900 hits 50* during gaming. Your 1.2 will be hotter. Try changing the alarm setting to 58*.
  6. Using the Globlewin cooler......I have seen it keep the best cooling out of even the Alpha coolers..........its a little cheaper than the Alpha and keeps it about 5 degrees cooler.........also the other guy's statement about your threshhold temp being too low is overclocked 700 will hit 50c playing games........
  7. Hello, I am running a 1.2 on a KT7-RAID, Currently I have a Global Win FOP-38 fan/heatsink, and using artic silver thermal compound. I found the biggest issue with the compound is makink sure you have the perfect ammount on it and no, absolutely no places for air pockets which can cause significant heat problems. I did a cpu burn in with SiSoft's Sandra and never got my cpu's temp over 98 f. Getting the compound on correctly is a very big deal. Also no matter how good of heatsink yoiu have if you are not circulating air in the case you are just going to be cooling with hot air!!!!!!! Hope this helped.
  8. OK, WILD, i've been playing around a little with my TB. turn out with MY WINDOW ROOM close and kinda OK warm, probably low to mid 70F,..... I was only able to OC that Tbird to 1.29Ghz(8.5x152mhz)I'm crying my eyes out,... DAMNN upgradeplanet!. well this is my temp RIGHT NOW. testing at 100% LOAD (with Stability TEST) 45C that load,.... idle i forgot, 37-8C something like that.

    WHEN i tried 1.35, IT restarted after sometime using STABility TEST. I wasn't there to see what the TEMP was or to see it restart, as i start it and left it there, when to watch Tv,... came back and it had already restarted.

    WELL, you can see what i posted, on "TBIRD 1.2 QUESTION" and see someother people POST, they is some great peoople with great answer,.... it might help.

    OHH, also, to track you CPU temp. Download Motherboard MONITOR. <search that in YAHOO, and i'll take you to the site. it FREE and it's an AWESOME tool.> IT will tell you what you TEMP is in WINDOWs, there is a LOG, of what is the HIGHEST and LOWEST, bla bla bla,......

    OHHH and ONE more THING, forget the ORB, it NO GOOD. NEVER heard about the COOLer master that you have, but if you are geting 50C or above at 1.2 w/o OC AND CRASHING, that NO good either. THE BEST cooler right now is THERMOENGINE,... (ok I think is Thermoengine, but some people might disagree) I personally have a ALL COPPER Hedgehog, and a Taisol. Taisol perform better than the HEDGEHOG 2-3C better. From the REVIEW i've been reading about The THERMOENGINE, it perform even better.

    GET yourself a NEW HSF. your's NO good. YES both of them, NO GOOD. and whatever HS you BUY don't DON'T BUY the DELTA 7K, trust me you'll hate it. I have one, now it's sitting arounnd somewhere in the closet. good luck!
  9. I'm running my 1.2GHz on an Asus A7V133 MB with a cheap heat sink/fan that came with the CPU and two case fans. The Asus Probe software that came with it reports my CPU temp under full load at 65*C and MB temp at 33*C. The default alarm setting on the software was 86*C for the CPU and the chips are rated to 95*C. I have seem so many conflicting posts regarding temperature settings that it boggles my mind. My system has NEVER crashed even though popular opinion is that my system should have burned up by now. I'm going to pick up a Silverado to knock down some of that temp eventually but I'm satisfied for now. You'll note that most of the people who tell you that their CPUs run at 45-55* also have 700-900MHz processors which don't put out near the heat of our 1.2GHz. Keep in mind that as long as you're within the operating range of the chips (under 95*C) the advantage of cooling is longer life. I'm not suggesting running the CPU at 80*C but theoretically it would survive for a while.
  10. The Asus 'Probe' adds about 10C to the thermistor reading off the bios. Basically, it's trying to give you the measurement of the core temp, but a 10C difference seems like a little too much, even if ceramic is a poor conductor.
    I just taking a wild guess here, but the life of the cpu is probably around 10 years at 50C. Even if I'm wayyyyyyy off, are you going to be using the computer in 10 years? Or if the lifespan is 5 years at 64C, is there any chance you'll upgrade a processor in that time?

    With all that said, a cpu at -17C is ever so slightly more overclockable (~200mhz) than an air-cooled processor at 38C. That's what all the hoopla is about, a faster cpu for less $$$$ than the competitor. But if you are absolutely happy/content with the performance of your computer, then it's not worth worrying about.....
  11. I dont have any case fans.. just a global win fop32 on it, no thermal paste either... it idles around 25C(AMD 850 not oc), but when Im playing quake it will shoot up to low 40's Im gonna throw two case fans in, and some artic silver, let you know what I drop

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  12. What graphics card are you running and what is the rest of the equipment in your system?
  13. I have a 1.2Mhz t-bird cooled with a household fan and a new watercooling method that I've devised.

    After an intense gaming session I just piss on it, the fan cools it to like 30c

    the fan $1.99
    the piss $0.00


    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  14. I frankly do not understand why people are making a big deal over the processor temps. You ask one person what the temp should be and they will tell you nothing above 45C; yet AMD says the T-Bird will operate fine at 85C. I run the AMD 1.2 T-Bird in my system with a ton of cooling in the case and I have yet to be able to drop the temperature below 55C under full load. Yet no program of mine has ever crashed (yet anyway) because of the CPU Temperature. The 1.2 T-Bird can overheat very easily and gets very hot however, unless it goes above 70C; I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. This post is for the guy that started it..
    I had a 1.1ghz tbird with a SuperORB and it crushed my core, DO NOT GET THEM!

    Take it back and get a ThermoSonic ThermoEngine. They are so good and so cheap. There's a great review at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and they tell you if you put the WBK38's 7k rpm fan on you'll achieve like... 30C. Very nice. My local computer store told me instead of all the noise of the delta... get an 8cm case fan, and mount it right above the stock fan on the thermoengine, that way you get little noise, and increase Cfm... Making for a much, much cooler CPU.

    Also, definately increase your threshold... 50C is what my 1.1GHZ Tbird ran at with the SuperORB! and that was idle!!! (another reason why i have a burning desire to kill thermaltake)

    <b><font color=blue>Note to self: Never buy <i>anything</i> without checking with <font color=red>Tom</font color=red> first...
  16. there is a DIFFERENCE IN running you CPU, in regard to TEMP. PERSONAL experience,.... I now have had experience with two TB, though not much but, it will do. first off MY 750 was able to HIT 950<----STABLE, with OPEN room WINDOW, which COOL very nicely(MBM temp reading at 32C, MAX LOAD, idle goes around 23-24C<HEDGEHOG/DELTA 7k). NOW with room window CLOSE. ONLY 900<STABLE>. TEMP reading is LOW 40s, LOAD, this is with YS fan, case CLOSE.

    AND A TB1.2 @1.35 ONLY with CASE OPEN, window open, actually, NOW the WINDOW is close and temp is reading at 28C idle. hehehe, not bad but I haven't MAKE it LOAD yet. I afraid TEMP won't go down after I LOAD THE CPU. hehehe,....

    anyway, my theory is that, SURE, your CPU will do FINE, at say 50C or maybe 60C(I don't believe any higher will even POST, even though it's CLAIM by AMD to be workable upto 90C) BUT only at DEFAULT SPEED. ex. my TB 1.2 IN a very VERY WARM room and roomWINDOW CLOSE, TEMP went upto 50C, that idle, ohhh core VOLT, was at 2.1 too, hehehe. that why. at 1.2 and temp at 50C, it was fine, even boot into W2k and everything works. of course i didn't try to LOAD the CPU. but at HIGH temp, even over 40 I couldn't get pass 1.28. MY theory is IF YOU WANT to PUSH the max out of your CPU, you have to have a NICE COOLER. if you want to stay at DEFAULT setting then you are OK(should be fine), at 45-50C idle.
  17. At the risk of asking a stupid question, what sort of ambient cooling does your case have overall? The minimum an ATX tower ought to have is an 8cm fan sucking air in through the lower front and the power supply blowing out warm air in the upper rear. Bigger cases need more fans; a lot of open space in the chassis actually means that your cooling goes to the wide open spaces and is slow to reach your components. Components should be given enough room to breath, but not much more.

    A lot of cases have spaces in the back near the CPU area to attach an exhaust fan; a lot of overclockers' cases also have fans on the side panel near the bottom. A fan just takes a few watts (maybe 5W) of power.

    Oh, and the Super Orb is not all it's cracked up to be. For my next CPU (T-bird 1.333 GHz) I'm considering going with the SwifTech for its raw cooling power, or the Silverado for its incredible efficiency.

    I'm currently running an Athlon classic @800MHz (slot A, .25u process) with 3DCool's SECC HSF and no thermal paste (I didn't have any at the time I installed it). My chassis has eight 80mm fans blowing over the motherboard chamber, so my CPU rarely ever breaks 80* F (that's about 26-27* C, I believe), even with sustained CPU usage at 90-100%.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  18. I would go with some of the HSF solutions recommended above and in Tom's review (or other website reviews.) You don't want to use much thermal paste. Too much thermal paste will insulate rather than conduct heat. You want just enough to fill in the tiny air pockets between the heat sink and CPU core. So check the amount of paste you're using, then get a better heat sink/fan. My 1.2GHz at 1.37GHz never goes over 47C with Arctic Silver and a FOP38, and generally sits at about 45C at 100% load. My apartment is usually 75-80F. If I crack the window it drops to 35C under full load. If you can't get it set up and cooling properly, bring it down to a local computer store and have them set it up right.

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