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I spend many hours working with code: writing, editing and often sifting through it to repair or re-use. While doing this I like using a monitor that can be setup in portrait mode. Now I am looking to buy a new monitor and unfortunately my selection has become very limited. I have found that only Dell offers monitors with such adjustment, but they can be quite expensive.

Does anyone know of another brand monitor that can be adjusted to portrait mode, preferably 22". I also had a thought that custom stands could be purchased for other monitors which would allow you to change their orientation, but had no luck finding this. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Did you look at the Dell U2212HM? It can be had for a little more than $240

    Another option would be to buy a VS229H-P and find an aftermarket stand that would swivel into portrait.

    I think something like this would work.
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