C space vanishing fast

my c drive / partition has been eaten up by windows 7 , its 52 gb and windows is now using 25 gb
. ive run winsysdir and the biggest file is the winsxs at 13.5 gb
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. WinSxs Folder Cleanup

    Here are some options you may consider to clear up disk space – some routine and some extreme:

    Run Disk Cleanup tool or CCleaner
    Uninstall unused applications
    Move Page file to another drive
    Disable hibernation
    Use the dedicated dump file option to capture memory dump files on another volume on the system.
    Disable system restore points
    Offload user profile and program file directories to another volume on the system.

    Further to Brett's post, I thought I'd share the above. Taken from http://www.winvistaclub.com/f16.html
  3. thanks, ive run disk clean up , thats given me about 1 gb , ive got nearly all of my programs and internet history etc running on the much larger d partion
  4. Windirstat may help you finsd any large files.


    If you don't use hibernate, drop to a command prompt and type powercfg -h off. Do a powercfg /? for a list of options. This will disable hibernation and remove the huge hiberfil.sys file. You can alo change the settings for system restore. I think the default is to use 12% of your drive.
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