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Hey y'all,
My ctrl keep keeps coming up as stuck on Windows 7. It is so damn frustrating. Here's a list of everything I tried so far:
-USB Keyboard (still registered as stuck)
-Cleaned Keyboard w\ air (& detatched keys)
-Regional Keyboard
-Virus Scan
-Reformatting (Much needed anyway)

Dell won't talk to me because I don't know the original owner's name (bought off my dad's friend) and I put in for a ownership tranfer, but that could take 15 days. I have an online class to do.

I've probably done more that I just can't remember. Please help! Thanks in advance!

Dell Inspiron 1440
Intel Core 2 Duo CPO
RAM 4.0
Windows 7 Home Premium

[EDIT] The on-screen keyboard keeps showing the ctrl button as pressed & using the left ctrl won't unstick it, only the right.
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  1. Hi

    Try Passmark software's Keyboard Test
    It runs as a trial for a short period

    Long enough to see if this is a hardware or software problem
    Try a Linux Boot CD such as Parted Magic
    If the keyboard still has this problem with a different operating system it is probably a hardware fault

    How old is this laptop ?
    though as second hand it will not have a guarantee from Dell.
    You can ask Dell how much a new keyboard costs


    Mike Barnes
  2. On Linux Unbuntu, the keyboard works fine.
    It's from 2010, i believe, but the warantee is until the end of this year. Dell refuses to offer me any help until I have the original purchaser's name.

    [EDIT]: Upon using PassMark, the left control doesn't even work. However, when using the Onscreen keyboard it does.
  3. I see a lot of complaints about the keyboard of a laptop being stuck.
    I suffer from the same issue but I use an external keyboard with an electronic switch for 4 PCs.
    My new Dell 7440 suffers just as my old Dell but now more frequently.
    Therefore I'm inclined to say it is not a hardware issue but Windows 7.
    I run Win 7 Professional.

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