Is Samsung RF710 Core i7-720QM a gaming laptop

is Samsung RF710 Core i7-720QM a gaming laptop or Samsung RF710 Core i5-460M 4GB 640GB, 1GB . I'm going to by a laptop and i would like to use it for a few games ( medal of honor) and such. and general office and internet.
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  1. What graphics card/chip does it use?
  2. Looks like it has a NVIDIA GeForce 330M video card? Either CPU would do well for a gaming machine.
    It also has a Blu-Ray DVD drive. Too bad you couldn't have put the cost of that into a better graphics card.

    GeForce 330M is a bit low on the 3D graphics power you'd want for a gaming laptop.
    That link will get you a review of the GeForce GT 330M with some game benchmarks at the bottom. If you look for 330M in the list of graphics cards on the right you'll see it is in the Class 2 category.

    Games on Laptop Graphic Cards will let you look at more games and how the GT 330M handles them.
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