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I am having some problems installing my HP Laserjet 4 onto my new desktop running Windows 7 x64. I have had it up and running fine once, but once I rebooted the computer it stopped working again.

All of my drivers are up to date and there is one that shows up on the Windows 7 list for an HP Laserjet 4. Unfortunately, I think I am having trouble choosing the correct port for installation and now have several "copies" listed under LPT1 (Printer Port) & USB001 (Virtual Printer port for USB):

(same copies under USB001 also).

Whenever I plug the printer into the computer trying to do a fresh install it either shows up as "USB Printing Support" (if I do a Cold Refresh on the HP Laserjet printer before plugging into into the desktop) or "COM340".

I am wondering if anyone knows the solution to this problem? And also how I can delete the redudent copies of the printer once I get it sorted out?

Any help with this is much appreciated!
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  1. whitch way do you plug it in as lpt or com or usb ,windows 7 will install the driver for it .check under printer panel and delete all the copy of that printer leave only the original .
  2. Hi Scount

    I am connect the Laserjet via USB using a parallel port --> usb cord. Under printer panel (which I'm assuming is the same as device manager) I can remove all of the copies but once I restart some of them still appear. And I am still not managing to get it actually printing properly.
  3. if this printer is lpt one you should connect in the lpt port if not check if the usb adaptor is seen as usb printer, i would remove all of the driver and let windows install it .
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