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I'm building a new computer system that I'm going all out on, so far it will be about $2,500 or so. One required part that I haven't figured out so far is the mouse and keyboard. I'm planing on using the system in my den, which has a desk for the computer, but also has an HD TV and a couch. I plan on hooking the computer up to the HD TV to be able to play videos and such. The motherboard I picked only has USB, no PS/2 inputs.

What I would really like in a mouse/keyboard is something that is wired when I have it on the desk, but that I can take wireless if I want to bring to the couch. When I'm at the desk I want maximum response for gaming, FPS and the like.... When I'm at the couch, I don't care, I'll be in Windows, picking things from menus, and the like.

One thing I was wondering is if I could use two separate devices at the same time. Could I get a nice gaming setup for the wired mouse/keyboard type setup, and a separate keyboard with a track pad type device for the couch? Or is there anything that is wireless that is able to be plugged in?

I would like a standard type keyboard, none of that ergonomic type stuff. I've learned on keyboards from the 90's, I would like to stay with what I know and can type and play on without looking at.

Thanks for whatever help y'all can give.
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  1. i've heard about wireless mice which you can plug in to a phsyical cable but i havent heard about the same thing with keyboards.

    in general the "lag" associated with wireless devices is way overstated. i used to use a wirelesss keyboard and mouse set for years playing fps type games and in no way was i hindered. in general most of the "requirements" for gaming devices put forth by gamers are generic "go-bys" at best and should not be taken as fact.

    you can plug in two keyboards if you wish. i used to keep a backup wired keyboard hooked up in case my wireless one died (which was maybe once every few months). in fact you might like having a wired keyboard and mouse at your desk and a wireless keyboard with trackpad for couch surfing.
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