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Hello,during the weekend i went over to a friends house for a lanparty. I chose my laptop since i can't be asked to move my desktop. The specs of the laptop isn't awesome, amd dualcore, 4 gb of ram, nvidia vidcard etcetc. I can't get the exact specs now since i'm not at home.
Right so now to my problem.
The computer crashed midgame, heroes of newerth and as i turn it back on my laptop emitts a disturbing noise. Hard to explain but the closest would be the sound of a "tape" being messed up within a taperecorder, or the sound of rewinding tapes. Kind of twirling, scraping noise. Strange thing is that the sound goes on for about 15-30 seconds then stops and the comnputer boots properly and works fine still.
This happened twice and the noise was different both times.
So my guesses are that the laptop dies from overheating since it was like 25-30 degrees celsius in the room and i had the laptop in my lap.
After the first crash i placed a book between my lap and the laptop, which made it survive longer than the first time. After second crash i decided to lower the graphics in the game (Heroes of newerth) and it has'nt crashed since.
Now, the computer works fine but it's the noise that is concerning me. I've heard beeps and sirens fro mcomputers before but never this strange, scraping, twirlning noise.
Well my matter is kinda hard to explain but maybe someone here can tell me what was emiiting that sounds and if i should take any actions regardnign this.

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  1. Yes, your computer overheated. The sound you heard (my guess) is the disc in your computer was detached when the computer shut down, and scraped inside the drive. It's that, or your HDD is making contact with the reader.
    Make sure to keep the underside of your laptop cool. Buy a little tray with fans in it to prevent crashes. The card may already be damaged, though, so test to see if it stil works like it should, and if it doesn't, try taking advantage of the warrante I sure hope you have.
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