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Hi, I'm building my first pc and I was wondering if I bought oem vista from newegg and used the free upgrade coupon it comes with to get windows 7 , when upgrading from vista to 7 will cpu data or anything be affected? I'll wait for 7 oem if I have to but if it's safe to buy vista oem and upgrade to windows 7 oem later on my first gaming pc I thik I'll go for it!
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  1. O my bad I was in a hurry to type this I meant will I lose Hard drive data when upgrading. Thanks for the answer
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    As long as you are upgrading from 32 bit to 32 bit or 64 bit to 64 bit you will be OK.
    If you install a 32 bit version of Vista and then want 64 bit W7 you will loose all data.
    So basicly decide if you want 32 bit or 64 bit before purchasing Vista, as that will determine which W7 you will upgrade to.
  3. Install Windows 7 full now, and rearm it once or twice by then it will be for sale and you can purchase a key for it legally.
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