Starting a server company.

hi everyone,

I'm looking to start up a server company to host game servers,voip servers etc.

I have a pretty good of an idea of what i may need but i'm no expert. Thought i would post on here and get a better idea of what i may need. i'm on a budget of about $10,000 to start could possibly get more if needed. I'm also willing to pay people for there services. graphic design, coding etc.

- What kind of computers do i need, there spec's etc.
- Bandwidth needed.
- Good locations for servers.
- Anything else i would need.

thanks in advance.
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  1. dustin3999 said:
    I have a pretty good of an idea of what i may need but i'm no expert.

    Hire an expert and build a business plan. This will minimize your risk and maximize win potential.

    You have not provided enough information on your situation for anyone to give you enough advice to help you. I architect enterprise application solutions and would tell you to go back to the drawing board and come to the table with more details. Some questions to ask yourself:

    - who is your target audience?
    - where is your target audience?
    - who is your competition and what do they bring to the table?
    - is there enough people in the gaming world to provide a profitable audience given all the similar solutions out there?
    - can you be cost competitive?
    - have you performed a cost benefit analysis?
    - what software are you going to use?
    - maximum concurrent connections expected?
    - what are the hardware requirements for the software?
    - if you expect X number of users with your software what type of hardware will you need?
    - do you need high availability (24x7, redundancy, co-location, etc)?
    - who will provide 24x7 support for your paying customers?
    - How much will this support cost, has it been worked in to your pricing model?

    These are exceptionally high level, very generic and basic things that you will need to answer. It only gets harder from there. You might want to look at current hosted solutions, buy in bulk and then resell/rebrand. But, what value add can you provide to keep people coming to you rather than going to the provider direct?
  2. I don't think you have a realistic view of what you need to startup this kind of company. Most likely 50 or 60 servers at least a gig of internet bandwidth. Servers can be anywhere if you are not hosting them on location.

  3. 50 - 60 servers for game and voip hosting... I don't think so lol.

    What kind of computers do i need, there spec's etc.
    - Bandwidth needed.

    - Anything else i would need.

    Firstly you need to provide us with more info here. What games are you planning on hosting?
    How many people do you expect to be connecting to the game servers.

    - Good locations for servers.
    That depends where your users are, for games it's all about latency so you want the servers as close to the users as possible.
  4. W/ a budget of 10,000 dollars that doesnt leave much room for a couple of dedicated 100/100 or 1000/1000 internet connections with no bandwidth restrictions. You need at least 2 dedicated in case one goes down on a server of that level. That might cost up to $5000 a month depending on what country your in such as Australia for example where internet prices are ridiculous.

    It depends solely on where your audience is because you don't want to have an ultra fast server in Korea with 300ms ping for US users for example.
  5. Hi :)

    $10,000 is nowhere near enough for what you are going to do....multiply by 10 WITH a business plan....

    All the best Brett :)
  6. I've helped many companies create and start (successfully) from inception to success. If you need help, let me know.

    I can tell you that this isn't easy and I would recommend being advised from the start properly.

    All the best,
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