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I am having a weird problem.
I have built my system ( windows 7 ultimate 64 bit SP1, Gtx570, 16gb corsair ram, intel i7 3770 )
and everything was ok first, but then I started having error messages when installing well, mostly games. it says files are corrupt or other abort - retry- ignore errors, and when i run memory diagnostics it says I have both memory and hardware problem which I can't seem to detect.
Before worked installations stopped working, cannot update any games viva internet or whatsoever.
Installed a brand new windows (genuine) and started everything new, the same problem still exist but this time games ran before don't even run.

Tried about everything on the internet I am totally lost.
any clue??????
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  1. Hard drive should be tested with the manufacturer's own diagnostic software where available. You should not test your Windows drive with Windows-based software so you need to download the DOS version of the diagnostic software, it loads from a bootable CD which you make from the supplied ISO file. The links are here:

    You can use IMGBurn to create the CD from the ISO file:

    Boot your faulty system from that CD and the drive test utility will eventually open.

    RAM testing: as with the hard drive test, you make a bootable CD from the Memtest86+ ISO file: . When you boot from the CD the RAM testing runs automatically, and continues until you press the <ESC> key. You should test the RAM modules separately by removing all but one module until they've all been tested, otherwise you won't know which module, if any, is faulty when the test reports an error. Let the test run for at least 3 passes on each module.
  2. Thank you lad, will get back after trying above
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