Last Saturday I bought PHILIPS blade 224CL2 LED monitor ( 21.5 inch ). Everything is good when I am viewing directly at the screen at the normal 90 degree angle while sitting on my chair. But as soon as I stand up and view the monitor - the white background of windows explorer or a web-page appears as light green. Is this normal ? I mean do these LED monitors have this kind of problem ? Before this, I had a proview 22 inch LCD monitor and I never had a problem like this while using it!

Please advice.
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  1. 17 views but no comments ! Am I asking something silly here ?
  2. So am I the only one getting this problem ? Can somebody help please ? The problem is irritating. I am trying to find if this happens to all others also.
  3. There is no answer to select as the best reply because no body answered my question !
  4. You mean this model that I have got or the particular item. Is there anything I can do about it ?
  5. I dunno. Check your monitor's viewing angle on maker's website or manual.

    Something like

    Viewing Angle: 170°(H) / 160°(V)
  6. Viewing angle is stated as - Viewing angle: 170º (H) / 160º (V), @ C/R > 10 in the Philips website
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