Elan Vital FSCUG-3- Appropriate for T-bird 1.2?

Alright, I'm building a new system and I've been having a bit of a time deciding on a damnable CPU cooler for the 1.2 Ghz Thunderbird I'm buying. I want to make sure I have a cooler that will maintain the life of my processor, even under tough circumstances. I often leave my machine running over night to work and I need to be sure I won't wake up to find an extra crispy processor core and a blank monitor screen. I'd like to configure the system to run as quietly as possible, and I have no plans to overclock it. I'd like to know if the Elan Vital FSCUG-3 will be suitable to the task of cooling a 1.2 Ghz (133FSB) T-bird. I was interested in the Silverado by Noise Control, but it doesn't appear to be available in the States just now, and the Elan Vital seems to offer the best performance for noise in dB(A). Do I necessarily need a much stronger cooler than this to ensure the life of my processor?

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