My god Athlon C's pump out some heat

Greetins all, i am trying to see if i have any issues here. I just upgraded to top of the range Athlon C 1.2Ghz with the ASUS A7V133 KT133A (200/266) mobo.

With a Globawin FOP38 heatsink and fan the CPU idles on 57Deg C, i mean is that normal.
(i know CPU's are made to run to last MUCH higher tempratures)

I have been an Intel guy since day one, but finally i made peice with the AMD's. My P3 700@933 ran 32deg idle with a golden orb.

but 57deg come on. i am thinking thats a little high. Amm not to sure tho. with the case closed my motherboard runs 36 deg, and the Power supply pumps out some very hot air.

dose anyone have the same problem (if it's a problem) or am i just anouther intel user takeing the 1st big step into the real world of computing and realising 60deg+ is aok?

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  1. Case cooling, for sone i dont think any CPU should be running so hot that u need special case cooling, remember these CPu's are sold as family computers as packages.

    secondly, extra case cooling is allot more noise and when you are sitting next to your PC it is verry irritateing.

    Anyway, thats what i think over all, but me as a hard core user ;) are not stoped by slight noise inconveniance

    I take it you havent heard a FOP38? fan runs at almost 7000 RPM and the hearsink has many many blades produceing MUCh loud noise.

    Offcorse i have thermal compund, but not arktic silver, they dont sell that in australia, and it's VERY expensive to import.

    Case cooling? amm ya i kinda have a 120mm fan positined very well in the front of the case (my case is a HQ08 Aopen Full tower) so there is a nice through put of ait.. problem is... my parents complain when i turn all the fans on... they kinda make ALLOT of noise, even i am not willing to listen to them in a quet room (LAN's are ok).

    FOP32 heatsink was rated by Tomshardware as the 2nd best heatsink for AMD 1Ghz chip

    FOP38 is bigger and faster... so you can see it's not a dodgy fan.

    amm any other sugestions? i think i might be reserveing to makeing a duck to the Fan to the outside so it sicks in the air from the outside streight to the CPU heatsink. Maybe

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  2. HSF? er i take it thats Heatsink Fan?

    anyway ya i am pretty posative it's mouted on correclty, smeare on the paste, clip it on... no big deal it only goes on one way.

    i am useing latest Version of ASUS Probe v2.12.07
    i am pretty posative that it works well on an ASUS motherboard.

    when i touch the heatsink it's actually very warm... and there is allot of heat radiateing, so it's deffinatly 50+ deg. Yes the monitor reports the fan on the CPu spinning at 6800 RPM. I put my hand near and the current is pretty strong. so i am sure everything is set up right?

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  3. You Can Get that Arctic Silver stuff from here in Australia:

    Jump, Jump Now!!
  4. The cheapest and easiest way to check your case cooling is to completely open up the case, and point a housefan at the motherboard. If you see temps. drop 1.5C, you're not cooling the case too much.
    As far as cpu cooling, there's at least 101 ways, but a good place to start is with your fop38 and a little arctic silver. You can put a 80mm fan on the heatsink if the delta is too loud, or connect it to 7volts.
  5. Oke oke so fine they do sell it in Australia... but i was more leaning towards i have to buy it online and i dont like buying stuff online... and it's 20 bux for 3g egh...

    amm Probe wrong? i hope it's above what the temps really are... i'll post here again when i use the mobo monitor

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  6. Well I be damned... got the latest version of Motheboard Monitor (which supports exctly my board) and registered is ;) thats to astalavista ehehe

    CPU temp is 45Deg C

    i feel SO much better now ehehe

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  7. If nois is an issue, wait for the Silverado from Noise Control to hit the market. It has better cooling than the FOP38, and has the lowest decibal reading in history. You cant hear it at all. In fact the only way to know if its running is to look at the fans spinning! The base is made of 10 grams of pure silver, ensuring that this is an expensive heatsink/fan unit though.

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  8. 45C wow, idle, that still kinda high, for DELTA. I have a 1.2@1.35 using YS fan and taisol runing around,..... actually i can't really compare it to your's since you said case was close. heat get trap inside and the longer it is the hotter it gets. but you can see my other post of my CPU temp, i think the thread is **WATERCOOL****. i posted my TEMP.
  9. the Temp difference, between open anc lsoed case was 1Deg. There is not air currentunder the table.

    Nowarries tho. i finlly hooked up the 120mm in the front of the case and switched it on. with the case closed (better air flow) it

    Idles: 29mobo and 42CPU

    All Games: 29mobo 44 CPU.

    It's a little noisy tho haveing all the fans running. But i only turn them on when i am sevearly overheating or i am at a lan where there is lotsa background noise.

    Thanks fellas for your assistance... I use Probe cos it draws a nice graph and stuff and tells you all this other info. It was actually working with my p3 933. I haven read anything about the probe on sites and saw some reviews done useing it... thats why i used it.

    Anyway latest version of Motheboard Monitor werks great. and even tho it dosent draw graphs u spend 1 min extra a draw one up in excel from the Excel log file.

    All is well inside my tower now... the Little AMD Town is happy and cool.

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