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I own a Acer aspire 7730g for a year or so, and i start to upgrade it a bit.
I've upgraded from Vista to windows7 but i came up with a hardware question:
On the Support site it's noted that 7730g can support One or two hard disk drives with 120/320/500GB.Currently it only carries 1 x320g (on 2 partitions like it was when i bought it).
Could someone who has any experience in upgrading the same model tell me if im limited in getting only 500gb hard drive as a slave because of some motherboard limitation? or someone who has succesfully added a bigger drive? I've seen 2.5" up to 750gb and because of my work i could really use those extra GB without carrying external drives.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would say go for the max capacity allowed by the model, and I mean the Motherboard model. Then partition it and transfer everything on it, then install that new HDD instead of the old one. You can use any HDD cloning software to your liking.
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