Down to 2 laptops-dv6qe or dv7qe?

I have been researching and I have decided to get one of the new HP dv7/6 with the Sandy Bridge and 6570 gpu.

They share a lot in commmon: CPU, GPU, Mem, HD, webcam and Price.

DV6:$1,050 out the door (backlit keys, battery upgrade in price)
DV7: $1,075 w/infinity screen and $1,025 w/out, out the door (battery upgrade on both prices)

With the dv6 I would get the back lit keys and 10 HOUR batter(supposedly)

With the dv7 I would get: Dual Slot HD, Numeric Pad, Beats Audio + Triple Bass, oversized mouse and Infinity screen.

Then comparisons: DV6=1366x768, 5.53lbs, 1 year warr., and 15.6". Then10hour batt.
DV7=1600x900, 6.80lbs, 2 year warr., and 17.3". Then 5hour batt.

So in a nutshell, the Dv6 would only have the back lit keys and the 10 hour battery on the DV7, but the DV6 is missing a lot of key elements like the numeric pad, dual slot HD and Resolution.

But the DV7 is missing two key elements back lit keys(which is just for asthetics), and the 10 hours battery(if it really last that long)

So my only concerns with the DV7 is that the battery won't last as long and not having them back lit keys.

My question which do you think is the better deal?? and 2nd, do you think the infinity screen is worth the $50, I heard a lot of people got "dust" in theres but I didn't know if this was a problem.
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  1. Salt-City_Slasher said:
    With the dv6 I would get the back lit keys and 10 HOUR batter(supposedly)
    Maybe if you turn screen brightness way down and just sit and look at the laptop.
  2. Well my rule of thumb is that the battery rating isn't going to count in my extreme multi-tasking for school work.
    Thats like 5-10 websites, constant uploading and downloading and transferring files back n forth.
    Not to mention when I am writing papers and taking notes, I will be using word processing and other functions.

    Anyways, I figured if I get the DV7 with the 9 cell battery rated 5 hours, then with a standard power saving utilities and just keeping things to a happy medium, then I should get a good solid 2-3 hours of "Using" the laptop.

    Then there is always purchasing a second one, but I wouldn't waste my time with a 6-cell rated 3 hours(=1 hour)

    Even if the battery isn't a full 10 hours on the DV6, what ever its"using time" is, it will be twice as long as the DV7.
    So pretty much if the DV7 had the same battery it would be an obvious choice of the DV7, because I could live without lit keys.

    Pretty much what I want in a laptop is: Newest Tech ie: Sandy Bridge and 6570 gpu, then numeric pad, decent battery,
    nice resolution, and nice keyboard/looks.

    Luxurys would be: Beats Audio, Webcam, Infinity Screen, dual slot, back lit, and oversized mouse.

    So I am like 90% leaning towards DV7tQE, leaving the DV6tQE with 10% because its battery probably isn't really that much more, which is the only reason to get the DV6 for its long battery, and without it, you might as well get the DV7 with all the bells, chimes and whistles.
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