Setting up a system restore(similar to laptops) on desktop


So this is what I'd like to do:
I want to install my windows 7,office,photoshop,drivers and some other software on my HDD and then save everything in a separate partition of my disk so that if I want to restore my system to the point where I have everything installed and running I can boot from the disk partitions and get it all done.

Pretty much what laptops do with the system restore function on boot without needing a working OS.
Simply a boot that will get my windows 7,office,photoshop,drivers and some other software installed again.
Laptops have this function and I would like to have it on my desktop.

What software should I use?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Found this software:

    Will this work for what I need?I read the user manual and it seems it can create a ghost partition to store my backup.I can also make a recovery disk that would be able to recover my backup data back to its original place.
    Would this software work?
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