Dual Monitor Help Needed

Okay so, I have a MSI GTX 460 Overclocked.
And I have dual monitors.
Just today I have upgraded my monitors from
a standard 19" to a 19" widescreen.
And a 17" too a 20" standard 4:3 screen.

My problem is I can't get my widescreen into widescreen mode
while the other one is attached.
But, I want them both on together.
How can I get the widescreen in it's native resolution (1440 x 900)
as the 20" is in it's native resolution (1680x1050).

Just incase you need these details the
20" is a SAMSUNG Syncmaster.
And the 19" widescreen is a HP w19b.

Thank you for any help you can provide!!
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  1. in your nvidia settings what resolution is monitor #1 and monitor #2 set at? you might have to manually set this (i did when i hooked up both my 40" 1920x1080 tv and my 20" 1600x1200 monitor up at once.
  2. Currently the Syncmaster is at native resolution.
    But, my widescreen one is set too 1024 x 768 cos that
    was the only resolution I could get to fit it properly
    without it being widescreen. (Hate seeing strips of black doing nothing).
  3. you can have a widescreen monitor and a non widescreen monitor without black strips on the widescreen one. i've done it (as i mentioned above).

    you might need to treat the second monitor as an external display instead of a typical side by side monitor arrangment. i believe this means that the taskbar will not extend to the other monitor but you can easily drag and drop applications to the second screen.

    not ideal for sure, but it does work.

    two monitors of equal resolution eliminate this hassle of course.
  4. Ahh I see.
    annoying :D
    Unfortunately I cannot buy another
    Samsung Syncmaster as I bought it for £20.
    at a charity shop haha :D
    Or another widescreen as I bought that for the same
    price at the same place. And I'm poor :')
    But thanks ^^
    I'll manage as is :)
  5. just keep an eye out for another monitor around the same size and at the same resolution at your charity shop. for 20gbp it is definitely an option to look at for the future.

    flea markets, yard sales, small flea market type shops and other such types of purchase options (well whatever you have in gb similar to these anyways) are also ways to get cheap electronics.
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