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hi. I was wondering what is the best FREE anti virus for windows 7. Currently i have Avast, which seems to be doing a good job. I was wondering if there was a better on. Also how does Microsoft security essentials rank? Is it one of the best?

thanks! :)
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  1. Hi :)

    I fix viruses for a living, every day...

    Best PAID = Norton Internet Security 2013

    Best FREE = Microsoft Security Essentials (about half as good as Norton)

    Imho ...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. GDATA, Bitdefender, Trend Titanium - in that order IMO. Avast is capable product if you're looking for a free one.
  3. AVG and Avast are good for free versions, Kaspersky, and Eset's NOD32 are very good for paid versions IMO.
  4. I like Microsoft Security Essentials, although it recently failed an AV test (can't remember which). Avast is my second choice. Stay away from AVG. Since you are already using Avast I recommend to just keep using it.
  5. No one recommends MalwareBytes?
  6. samuelspark said:
    No one recommends MalwareBytes?

    While a very capable product and something that should be used to compliment AV software Malwarebytes itself can't really be considered an AV app.
  7. Remember with free, you often do not get the same features and issue corrections that you would get with a paid option. I would recommend thinking of buying a a program to get the best protection possible.
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