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Amd thunder bird cpu temp

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March 14, 2001 3:08:41 AM

Hi all wonder if any one can answer a question for me ?
I have just purchased a abit kt7 mother board and an amd thunder bird 1000 mhz processor the via software that comes with mother board reports cpu temp running at about 125 degrees under a load. Does any one know if this is to hot ? Im using one of those super orbs with the twin fans and reading the information on cpu cooling fans its not a very good one. Any one know where i can purchase a good fan or a website where i can go to order one ? And a good one for a amd thunderbird 1000mhz thanks all

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March 14, 2001 11:25:24 AM

That temperature is fine. However, you should monitor it in Celcius, as that seems to be the norm here. 125*F is about 38*C. Improve your cooling if your temp goes above 60*C under full load.

My 900 runs at about 50*C under full load (games), 42*C while on line or doing "normal" work, and 33*C at idle.

The temperature sensing is not all that accurate, even between 2 boards of the same manufacturer. Some boards the temp sensor may contact the processor, others it may not. Readings will be different.

As long as your system is stable, don't worry.
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March 14, 2001 11:38:33 AM

Hey, i have a very similar setup to you. I have the Asus A7V mobo and a Tbird 1.1ghz with a SuperORB. Now, here's the deal, you have to immediately take back the orb and get a different HSF. I suppose you were tricked into buying one like i was too... See the thing is, they're incredibly crap... It crushed my CPU coz it was on too tightly. Unless you have the person you buy it off install it, you're warranty on the CPU is void.. And i can almost guarantee that you will damage the CPU sooner or later with the SuperORB, it's just bad craftsmanship...

I disagree with Wusy, mainly coz there's a better/cheaper HSF solution to your problem. Goto <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> and checkout the ThermoEngine (the bottom one, big heatsink). If you goto <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> (thanks to wusy for that site btw) and have a look for their review of the thermoengine you'll be pleasently surprised, it cools really well and it's dirt cheap, $50 here in australia... And if you attach a more powerful fan (possibly the noisy 7k rpm off the WBK38) it's amazingly effective. 102F for a 1ghz cpu in room temp and full load. very nice. My local computer store recommended instead of the sometimes expensive and EXTREMELY loud 7k rpm fan, i just leave the stock standard fan on and attach an 8cm case fan above it for added CFM and far less noise, apparently it'll do a very similar job... Sound good? It is!

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March 14, 2001 11:46:53 AM

Orbs werk well for the Intel Chips. Super orb has thos e dodgy little fans.... it's bad. 38Deg for a 1Ghz is acceptable. It took me 4 days to get my 1.2Ghz C down to 44 deg idle... usually about 48. But with case cooling to vent out the hot air it sits on 42 idle and 44 in any game so tehre is some advice... have a fan to Intake Cool air form the front and anouther fan at the back to vent hot air out.

Amm from what i have noticed... Homeworld Cataclism seems to have the Higest CPU usage i have seen (yet) it raises my CPU temp at least 3 deg over Quake 3 with 12 Bots.

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March 14, 2001 12:27:11 PM

SuperORB = The devil incarnate
i'm so bitter... >:| muahaha

Tried playing Alice yet? Listen to this, a friend of mine is OBSESSED with cooling and he's got the new Alpha on his shitty old K6-II 500Mhz CPU... he has an EPOX mobo and a 500mhz cpu right? Now i have never heard of temps higher than MAYBE 40C with a 500... especially with a good HSF... and it's all working well coz it idles at 36 apparently... But after playing Alice, his computer sometimes freezes, and the temp monitor says 53C!!!
i Couldn't get over it.. that's almost 20C increase in temp!

A 500mhz with an Alpha running at 50C?

Alice sure must have a LOT of load on a cpu... that's all i can say..

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March 14, 2001 1:49:57 PM

AUDIO, actually i tried that too, PUTTING a 8cm fan on my hegdehog, but IT not as efficient or near as good as a 6CM fan. I even mad an adapter that would transfer 8CM to 6CM to fit the HS. but still no use. where my little experience.

8cm sunon, rated 38CFM, after adapter and all that, still perform less than 6cm YSTECH, rated at 27CFM. but it does sound quite.
March 14, 2001 5:19:58 PM

My math was wrong!

125*F is about 51*C. Still, this is normal under full load (gaming).

Sorry for the error!
March 14, 2001 6:04:59 PM

I've been doing the same experiments with 8cm fans (47cfm papst fan) and came to the same conclusion: 6cm fans seem to perform better, even with lower cfm.

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March 15, 2001 4:36:46 AM

I have devised a clever little plan, i saw once this guy had an actual fitted case fan, being "re-routed" to his CPU... it was SO weird... basically had a tube with a funnel on the end, sealed over the pushing side of the fan (front fan, sucking air from outside in) and then the pipe was going straight over his existing fan, making the existing fan get cool air from outside, really quickly coz it was pushed out of a small area... Quite ingenious i thought..

What i will do, if i can get the 8cm case fan cheaply, is just so a sorta Funnel job with it... so that all the air goes onto the existing fan.. It works in theory... But even if it doesn't work, it just gives me a nice new case fan... hehe..

tell me more about this YSTECH company, where can i see this 6cm fan?

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March 15, 2001 7:18:02 AM

Wusy, why don't people have water cooling? Well there's a lot of reasons why most people don't have WC.
1) because it's expensive
2) because it takes a lot of room in the case
3) because it's inconvenient, more than air anyway
4) because you generally can't do it yourself, you gotta have someone else do it to make sure it's done properly
5) because not many people know that much about it
6) because it's dangerous in a way, if you don't insulate (in some cases) you will get condensation that will wreck your whole system

And secondly, the Alpha, i haven't really researched, but Toms Hardware had a review of all the new fans out by Kryo Lord not long ago and the Alpha was nowhere near the top of their list. The ThermoEngine is cheap, quieter with the stock fan than the Silverado (silver = 38Dba, Thermo = 35dBa) and it does a more than adaquate cooling job...

I have never used it before either, but that doesn't hide the facts does it? Once i get my new 1.2 and the HSF, i will give you as much information as i can about it... it won't be for at least a month tho coz i need to get some money.

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March 15, 2001 7:22:46 AM

whoa now, I use water cooling and it doesn't cost me a dime, well maybe I have to pounds a few brews but that's it.

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March 15, 2001 7:47:50 AM

Ok AMDmeltdown, that's enough... it was funny for about the same period it takes for you to get off over yer intel..

(hehe, corny joke deserves another corny joke)

You gotta admit, Water COooOoling is expensive and hard to setup

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March 15, 2001 8:41:19 AM

Dunno where you get the idea that 125F = 38C.
calculation is C = (F -32) *(5/9)
125 F actually equals 51.666666 C (approx)
Otherwise I agree with your comments, my Duron runs at 52C
when running Sandra burn in (700 OC'd to 900)

Sorry didn't see that someone had pointed this out to you until just now

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March 15, 2001 2:41:07 PM

Thanks for the correction. I don't want to give erroneous information. I zigged where I should have zagged with the formula.

High School was so long ago......