Netbook with busted power port?

Hi guys,

My friend has a netbook (HP mini 1151NR) and it won't charge anymore. The adapter itself looks fine, and it has had a history of being temperamental when trying to charge (having to wiggle the cord a lot).

Now it simply won't charge. I'm assuming it's the port itself on the laptop. Would there be a way to replace it for him? Any guides on this type of procedure? Or would I be incapable of making such a fix?

any input would be appreciated.
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  1. Depends if it's a standard barrel type connector (as used on many other devices).
    And your skill at unsoldering the old connector and soldering in a new one.
    But primarily on your ability to dismantle the netbook without writing it off.

    If any of those disqualify you, see a repair guy.
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