hey guys I need help getting this problem fixed. I have tried everything but cant figure out problem. First of all heres the components to my pc

AMD 1.2
Asus A7V133
Asus Geforce GTS2 deluxe
256mb crucial ram
Quantum 40gb ata100
SB x-gamer

Ok the problem starts when im playing a game, about 10 minutes into counterstrike all of a sudden the game freezes and the sound keeps looping. So far I have updated bios to 1004, installed latest promise drivers, installed via 4in1 4.29v driver, installed detenator 3 drivers. But I still keep freezing for some reason. I tried formatting and doing a clean install but im still getting same thing. I have tried uninstalling via and promise drivers thinking maybe that was the problem but still nothing. I even tried uninstalling detenator3 and using asus7700 graphics driver. I dont think its a heat problem, im using FOP32-1 with arctic silver compound and temp is idle at 50c. Any help is greatly appreciated

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  1. Does the problem only occur when playing counterstrike or does it occur with other games or programs?
  2. Turn off AGP 4X in BIOS Setup. AGP will default to 2X which is more stable on VIA chipsets.

    Try using Detonator 3, ver 6.50, nVidia's latest reference drivers and if that doesn't work try 6.72 which are the latest drivers with Microsoft WHQL certification (whatever that means).

    Here is a good place to get Detonators:

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  3. its a heat problem. it has all the symptoms of a heat problem, and if your system idles at 50c then its definitely a heat problem. youve either put WAY too much arctic silver on or you havent seated the HSF properly. the 1.2ghz athlon does not give much room for error. socket a chips kick ass but the packaging sucks unfortunately. try taking off the HSF, cleaning off the silver, reapplying a THIN layer, (so you can juuuuust see the writing on the chip through the paste, then make sure you re-seat the fop32 perfectly, fire it up and see how it goes...

    good luck!

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  4. HI the problem is a dd3d problem with freeze,
    sounds controlled by DD keeps working as its on a different thread..

    trying installing dd3d 8 ans see if that helps
    game may require at least 7a

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  5. Reinstall the VIA AGP driver, but select STANDARD instead of TURBO. This will turn off the 4x AGP, which makes the system more stable.

    Use Motherboard Monitor to see what your CPU temperature is. I have heard that the ASUS monitor is not accurate, reporting temps that are much higher then they really are.
  6. Yeah! I still have my trusty old SB AWE64 ISA card and
    no problems there! :)
  7. Could be:

    Overheating... try taking the HSF off and cleaning, then reapplying like was said before
    Soundcard... my Soundblaster Live! Value hated being in certain PCI slots... something about sharing IRQ's
    Video Card... not likely but do you see any artifacting by any chance? (rainbow colours basically) before it crashes? Coz mine did that once, GF2mx... eh...

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  8. I agree with 2 post about overheating, mine does exactly the same if I O/C too much.

    i.e. I get constant 50Mhz more for every 0.05V more, but then 50Mhz for every 0.2V so that's when it crahses exactly like yours, and I know I've touch the limit.

    And I completely disagree with driver issues this time! Don't know about other times.

    Best regards
  9. update

    so far I have tried everything I have think of and still getting same thing.

    tried sound card in every pci slot
    changed agp to 2x and 1x
    changed agp apeture size to 32 (i think i spelled that wrong)
    reinstalled via drivers, tried 4.28 and 4.29
    reinstalled promise driver
    formated again
    updated sound card drivers
    changed primary vga to AGP instead of PCI

    I dont think its a heat problem since smart doctor is telling me the card is fine. This problem is really starting to piss me off. Sometimes it takes longer to freeze then before 10-20 min. Im thinking of only one thing i could do and thats to flash the bios to a older version, Im currently on 1004. Anybody think that would help????
    btw the system isnt overclocked and is running under WIN98SE
  10. I had the same probem happen to me on my old Pentium II system. Don't know what I did to fix it though... I think I reformatted and reinstalled everything... Not sure though. It might have been heat, as that POS Pentium II runs damned hot (like 55°C idle!!!!!!!). What does your Athlon get up to while under a heavy load, if it can even do that?

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  11. HI how's it going?

    just to comment , these are some of the things I was stating about via and how they are probablemating in AGP and other bus issues, and tend to be difficult when compared to INTEL chipsets that work out of the box in agp4x

    the AMD heat issue with lockups is another problems, moreso than with PEntium as PEntium now uses PCB board surrounding die which allows tighter fit with CPU heat sink,
    and not as brittle..

    just a observation...
    hope all is good with you

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  12. 50 C is quite high for idle cpu.. Check you heat dissipation system.. It might be the problem.
  13. No disputes from me!

    The VIA drivers that came with my KT7-RAID were worthless. The Unreal flyby would lockup in about 5 minutes.

    However, I found rock solid stability with 4.26 of the 4 in 1 drivers, with the AGP driver in turbo mode. It would have been nice if those drivers accompanied the board, and would have saved me 2 days of testing to ensure the system was stable. But once the proper drivers were loaded, the system has been great. Not one lockup or freeze since the new year (when it when "live"), and it runs 18 hours a day.

    I have built Intel PC's with Intel chipsets, and each one ran out of the box with no tweaking or stability testing. Certainly, a big advantage for Intel. I still have and use 3 Intel PC's at home.

    If Windows incorporated the proper VIA drivers (as it does for Intel) most if not all of the VIA issues would be gone. Do you think the strong Intel/Microsoft relationship is responsible for preventing that from happening?

    I know the AMD CPU core is fragile, that's why I am quite satisfied with 900Mhz. I have no intention of removing the HSF to close the bridges and overclock (until the warrenty is over, anyway!). Most incidents of cracked cores and overheated CPUs come hobbyists who don't know what they are doing, and then regret it.

    This was my first AMD PC. In the past, I would never have considered AMD because the K6 line was simply not equal to the Pentium performance wise, regardless of cost. But now the Athlon is at least the equal to the P3 in performance, and certainly bests it in price (though the gap is shrinking). Price/performance made me choose AMD, and for me, it was a good decision.

    In about 4 months I'll be upgrading my son's Celeron 450. It will probably be replaced with an AMD Duron system. You just can't beat the price and performance of Duron. But first let's see what comes from Intel and AMD by the end of the Summer.

    My PC is one of the tools that I use to earn my living. I don't care what processor is in the box, as long as it helps me get my work done faster (and cheaper). For now, performance and price pushes me to AMD. When Intel decides to become the price/performance leader, I will go Intel.

    To tell the truth, my computer allegance goes to my old TRS-80's. I had a model 1, 3, and 4. What great learning machines! If you want to play real computer games, download a TRS-80 emulator, and download all of the Big 5 Software games. Great stuff from 128 x 48 resolution!

    Hmmm.... I think I just gave away my age.....
  14. seriously buddy, its heat. 50c idle is way too hot, itll be hitting at least 65c in there under load. youve tried EVERYTHING else. all the symptons point to heat. its not the dammed via agp drives, they work fine, ive installed many a socket a system now and theres no problem with them.

    reseating the cpu is the ONLY thing you havent tried.

    give it a go...

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  15. Best test i find for heat issues is to run SETI@Home youll see in about 30 sec if you have a heat issue. Good luck!!!


    Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man:)

    Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man <font color=blue> :smile:
  16. I had a similar problem (games freezing, sound repeating upon freeze) along with other sorts of lockups-- eventually traced it down to my power supply being to small. One of the first things to be underpowered if you have a small power supply is the video card, and that may be why instances of freezing increase when playing games. If you only have a 250 or so I'd get a 350 or 400 just to be safe.
  17. YEs there is no question that the WINTEL
    allegence is responsible..
    it is a matter of record that INTEL's ANDY grove and BILL Gates have had horrible arguments each about the other embracing a 3rd party technology..
    up until a few years ago, bill gates used to try to piss off andy when after he supposedly ran out of a resturant and left BIll gates there..
    then in retaliation when MS would get a chance to embrace a technology that would compete with INTEL they would do it,
    and they ANdy would retaliate with porting the Pentium to another OS,
    and it went on for about a year until the two met and realized both were fuc*ed without the other, and agreed to further eachs technology and support the develop together
    and try to limit the amount of 3rd party devices if they were a threat..hence the WINTEL saying

    that is why VIA drivers and many others are not in windows,
    and why INTEL usually only develops for windows

    Dd3d will never work as fast on AMD code as I am told by some MS insiders and you can take that as you see fit.

    nice and cozy, and some would say it it wrong but inreality it has lead to a platfor very much more stable thant the past, as everything INTEL and Windows works with plug and play quite well, and it makes it a closed loop where little can go wrong..

    that is one of the many reason why I believe AMD,Linux,
    Corel, and other will not be a threat untimately..

    AMD is going to have their hands full as WIN 2k will be the only os as of AUG being developed for,
    specifically windows XP, and win ME is the last of its kind..
    AMD has been somewhat nortorius in NT and win 2k for some oddities, and this will magnify in windows XP, as I understand the OS searches the hadware periodically and knows when you have upgraded say a CPU or card, and asks ramdomly for a serial number, which you have to call in for
    as it changes
    this is said to prevent HD cloning and coping of the OS,
    but well, there are optentials for problems with 3rd party people

    hope you find this interesting


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  18. I run a similar system...A7V133a motherboard with a Geforce2 MX and a 1.2Ghz T-Bird and a SoundBlaster Live!

    I doubt it is heat. (But it MIGHT be) I've ran my T-Bird in the 60's and the system is as stable as if it were in the 30's. AMD claims it can operate up to 95C. My system idles at 50C and I have no problem but I feel uncomfortable with it there. But the reason is because i have a cheap sucky heatsink/fan. So I am waiting for my FOP32-1 to arrive in the mail.

    BUT...I have yet to have any problems you are describing. If it was up to my honest opinion (guess from what you are describing). Something sounds wrong with your soundcard. I'd get that checked and make sure. There is a problem with the ASUS A7V boards where it will encounter a compatibility problem if the sound card was placed in PCI slots 4 or 5.

    Make sure you arn't overclocking the proccessor when your idle temp is that high. Make sure your jumpers are all in the right spot or put them in a default "jumperfree" mode and see if that makes a difference.

    To make sure it isn't heat...Try to load the proccessor and watch the temperature. If it goes up into the 70's; your heatsink is on wrong. If it crashes before reaching 60 or 65...Your CPU may be dying. Check to see if it's buring up and make sure you didn't crack it while installing the heatsink.

    You might also want to try to re-install windows or try to get WinME since it is a little more stable than 98.
  19. So, because of a stupid argument between those two f**ks, we are paying the price? That sucks! That only makes me more pissed at MS and Intel. If they get a monopoly on the market, they won't even have to lube up before screwing us. We won't have any choice, we will just have to take it.

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  20. mousepotato, cyberimage lives on another planet. dont believe anything he says. i dunno where he got that crap from, but there you go.

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  21. Well, if he just makes all this stuff up, he has a great imagination.
  22. I think the point is that there is a strong Intel/Microsoft partnership that does exclude other 3rd party manufacturers.

    Wouldn't it be nice if VIA drivers were incorporated in Windows? Most if not all VIA driver issues would be cleared up that way. But so far, it hasn't happened. I think Intel has a lot to do with that.

    My opinion only.....
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