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I'm an aspiring tech guy going for a new laptop to do work on the train.

1. No more than 650
2. 12-16” (doesn't matter really)
3. doesn’t matter
4. no
5. 3 hours
6. if so, low
7. watch movies, do work, internet
8. I’ve lived with 250 gigs for years, prolly not even that much
9. anywhere with a decent reputation
10. long time (or at least a respectable amount of time)
11. bluray preferred
12. Acer has only gotten bad reviews for me, HP laptops same way, Asus and Toshiba seem to work best in my experience
13. US
14. I’m a techy guy myself, OS doesn’t matter as I will likely replace it with Linux (haven’t decided on flavor but that’s a post for another time). This will be my work computer so it doesn’t need to be amazing graphics, the blu ray thing was just a suggestion from my coworkers who have 720p laptops that output to 1080p blu ray for reasonably cheap. That said, hd is actually a tertiary concern, my first concern being battery life and second being price.
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