I just build a new athlon system from scratch and i'm getting crashes all the time......even before any OS was intalled. I was told that is is probably bad memory. Do you guys agree? And if can i check it without buying new ram?
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  1. what kind of crashes? would it POST? would the OS boot?
    What kind of RAM do you have? How many sticks? (try removing one stick if you have more than one)
  2. Not sure what POST is .....but the OS boots sometimes....if i can do it fast enough before it crashes. The ram i have is NEC PC100.........2 sticks of 256 each.....and i tried doing them separate.
  3. when it crashes.....everything just stops and powers down..........the key board and mouse won't work....the hard drive light stops flahing.....and if there is a cd can hear it spin down. Even the power button wont work on the cpu.....only the reset button.
  4. Do youself a favor and seek professional assistance, if you do not know what a POST is, I find it hard to believe you stand a snowballs chance in hell of building a pc from scratch.

    sorry but that is just my two cents worth.
  5. HEHE.....i gota agree with ya there......I just know enought to get by. And it's hard to get help cause nobody wants to help ya.
  6. So i don't suppose anyone is gonna tell me what a POST is?
  7. I suppose that means nobody really knows what POST is. Just a fancy word that you guys use to sound smart?
  8. POST =





    Read the manual 10 times if you must, lazy sob

    Best regards
  9. By what you wrote earlier your computer does POST. If POST works it just means that your video card sent information to your monitor (in other words it means text flashed on your screen - ie: the video bios, and motherboard bios text). It is a word I agree you should know. But if your PC freezes randomly on startup - even sometimes before windows loads - it is probably your ram, or processor. Make sure that the CAS setting is correct for your ram in the bios and your FSB is not exceeding the limits or your DIMM. Now if you have no idea what that is, make sure that the CAS setting in your bios is set to 3 - just to see if it's the problem. Also make sure you put thermal paste on your fan. Also check your processor is not overheating. If you just built this system there will be a hardware monitor telling the temp of your processor. Check to see that the temps are less then 50C for an AMD chip and 40C for an Intel chip and you should be fine.

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  10. one more advice, I know you're not an idiot

    I know you can find all the answer you need from this forum, but not by asking, simply by searching through old posts

    use key workds such as, crash, memory, hang, etc in a title search across all boards, you will find your answer. Ganrantee.

    Lots of people/regular here are lazy of repeating themselfs now. I think

    Best regards
  11. MANUAL?
  12. Well Im not a complete moron....but close. It definately POST's than......Bios is all set up and i actually have Linux installed and not windows. It wont' stay stable long enought to get windows installed. My processor is Slot rather than thermal paste still needed? That's probably a stupid question buty nobody ever mentions using paste with slot processors (Athlon). And i've been checking it to see if it's overheating and it's running fairly cool......(won't stay stable enough to get hot). And i will check the CAS setting....i didnt even think about that....Im retarded.
  13. Are you sure it's not a heat issue? I purchased a Athlon Classic a few months ago and the idiots I purchased it from put their company/warranty sticker between the processor and the HSF, thus the processor was not making contact with the HSF. Anyone else ever see that?

    If it's not heat related I would say it's either your memory or motherboard.
  14. One more pretty sure the memory i have is CAS 2 and not CAS that a problem?
  15. If your memory is CAS2, it will work fine with your bios set to CAS3. Won't work the other way around.
  16. THANX
  17. That AMDChuck guy.........what a JERK!............sorry man, I had a bad morning. If you have any questions after searching through the older posts, feel free to e-mail, I really would try to help. Also, you are to be commended for at least having the initative to attempt this, not to mention, you seem to have a pretty darn good attitude.

  18. That's much more like the AMDChuck I normally see around here. Good call man!

    What's a signature? Oh, those words that show up after all my comments? I don't need one of those!
  19. Buy more AMD!

    You sure saved alot huh?

    Awesome performance too!
  20. Helpful as usual, eh Fugger?
  21. if everything stops and powers down,
    you have a power short somewhere and the TTX power supply is doing its job and powering down..

    could also be a non AMD certiifed power supply,
    the AMD takes so much power, and tends to have a high amperage, and the fans necessry to cool the damn thing also draw alot of power, that could be it too..

    if you do not get beeps on post or startup then likey
    it is power related..
    though it could be a short in a card or memory or CPU that is not fatal on boot..

    take it in for testing..

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  22. POST = Power On Self Test

    Its the first thing that happens when you boot up (well, the first thing you see anyway)

    Please don't insult the people trying to help you
  23. what do u want fugger to waste hours solving wierd amd bugs? he bought a cheep piece of sh*t and it doesn't work. big f*cking susprise.
  24. Go over all of your Bios settings

    make sure everthing is set properly

    maybe something is set wrong?
    get your manual and go thru each setting step by step

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  25. cyber is probably right, but just out of curiosity...what voltage do you get from your powersuply? at least 250?

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