Can i put the hard drive from my broken laptop into my netbook?

My laptop screen broke and i have a netbook that runs windows xp on it. My laptop ran windows vista before. Can i swap the hard drives and have windows vista and all my programs run on my netbook? (given it will be slower of course) Are the harddrives the same size or are netbook harddrives smaller than regular laptop hardrives?
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  1. Most Netbook drives are 2.5" IDE drives, so providing both have the same connections you shd be ok (a simple google should tell you if they are or not) then you will have to reinstall windows XP to get all your driver settings across.
    My question would be why?
    Why not have the screen replaced and then sell it? Or just keep using it as spare?
    XP will be redundant in a few years so stick to vista or update to 7.... :D
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