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Automount Secondary HDD with keyfile on System SSD?

January 11, 2013 1:44:06 AM

This is in regards to TrueCrypt on Windows 7 SSD/HDD install

I just built a new HTPC with a SSD as the primary drive and I want to store all of my videos/personal files/etc on a FDE Secondary HDD. Instead of typing a password each time to mount the drive would it be possible to automatically run a batch script on boot that loads the keyfile, with the public key, on the SSD and mounts the secondary drive?

The HDD is hot swappable and it came from an external enclosure. The plan is to encrypt the data on the drive so that if I ever remove the hot swappable drive and put it back in its enclosure, to take it on the road with all of my files, it can't be compromised if stolen or lost.

The plan is to do this with only the public key and I will contain very sensitive data behind the private key and type the password in each time.