How to adjust screen resolution with a blank screen and f8 doesnt help

I hope someone an help.
I have read alot of forums but they all say the same thing, which doest help.

My monitor started flicking between screen resolutions and then went blank/no signal. I have checked for loose connections with cables and also graphcs card. I have pressed on btton for minute and reloaded, I have swapped between 22inch tv (what I normally use) an old 15" flat monitor and my 32" tv.
After about 10 restarts I got a picture on my 32" tv, I also restarted to check if it was just a fluke an It still came on. I went into device manager and seen my monitor driver with the message: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory (Code 38).

When I seen that I hastily decided to go to system restore and restored it to when it last worked properly (just before it started flickering)

Since I did that, I am no longer able to see anything again. Pressing F8 seems like it is loading the safe mode but still no signal/picture.

I normally use a vga-dvi adapter and I have tested it with and without.
I have tried the vga monitor cable with my laptop and it works fine.

Does anyone have a keyboard sequence/process I can try while in the safe mode?
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