Dell c640 charger cable schematics

how many pins should be present at the end of the charge cord for a Dell C640 laptop?
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  1. I already have the service manual, but it does not give any information about the power cord. Thanks for the reply though!
  2. tommyengland said:
    how many pins should be present at the end of the charge cord for a Dell C640 laptop?

    See the picture below of Dell latitude C640 ac adapter:
  3. At the end that plugs into the laptop there are 3 holes. In my charger cable, only two of the three holes actually have pins in them. I know it is not the original charger and wonder if it is missing a prong, causing the battery not to charge. Does anyone know how many of the 3 holes should have pins?
  4. Sorry I hadn't come abck to look at this... I have not seen a charger like this at all and I am guessing that you must be running on the European electrical system (I know big stretch given your sn) and I have already stated that I am piss poor at answering questions on your electronics as I know nothing from the wall plug to the computer on your wiring set ups "across the pond". My suggestion would be to jump on e-bay and see if you can buy a used one cheap.
  5. No this is the charger I have. It is not European. I just need to know how many pins are in the small end of the plug in the picture. Three holes, but how many have pins?
  6. There should be 3 pins at the DC power jack on the laptop itself and 3 holes in the business end of the charger. No one has made a charger that works on these units with less than 3 holes on the charger. I'll look at a CPi I've got on the scrap heap to be sure.
  7. How many of the 3 holes on the plug that plugs into the laptop should have pins in them. The plug that I have has 3 holes but only 2 of them have pins in the holes. Is this right?
  8. I know on my 620 there are only two wires going to the connector.

    I'm trying to find a new end connector only but not having any luck.

    Anyone know where I might find one?

    Talking about the plug on the end of the charger (Just the part that plugs into the computer)
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