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Ok, so I ordered my stuff - IWill KK266, Duron 750, 256MB Kingston PC133, and Cooler Master HSF.

Next up - how the heck do I do this!? I've gathered bits of information from various places, but have a few questions for you knowledgeable folks. And before you ask, I got the Duron because a) It is the best value/perf. out there, c) I can o/c to 900-1000, c) I can replace it with a 1.5Ghz TBird-C in 18 months for prob. $75, and d) If I break it I'm only out $50.


1. I assume that my mobo talks to the Duron at 100Mhz, and the RAM at 133Mhz. Should I try to get the mobo to deal with the Duron at 133? Is this achieved by o/c the FSB? If so, does this affect the FSB/RAM, FSB/AGP, FSB/PCI speed also - and is that okay? Does this also increase the speed of the CPU?

2. If I understand correctly, I have a clock multiplier of 7.5 (750/100).

3. What is the best way to get my Duron 750 into the 900-1000 range? O/C the FSB? Unlock and change the multiplier? Both?

4. I am not sure of exactly how to change the FSB or multiplier - beyond BIOS settings in the IWill and clock L7 bridges on the CPU - is that everything?

Your expertise is appreciated. And Fugger/Meltdown/etc., unless you have something constructive to say, please skip this discussion - I need assistance, not diatribe.
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  1. I have a T-bird 750 on an ABIT KT7-RAID board. I have never messed with FSB settings because with an unlocked processor and their Softmenu Application you can simply move the Multiplier around at will. Not familiar with your board specifically, but if it offers the ability to change the multiplier, it really is that simple. Change from 7.50 to 8.50 on my board will take you from 750-850. A few things to keep in mind: a)You have to unlock the processor by joining the L-1 bridges (most use a pencil), b)you may need to up the voltage settings in order to get your OC settings stable, and c)Keep an eye on your temps when OC'ing....Make sure you have a good Heatsink. I got a lot of help in the forums at www.athlonoc.com when I built my system. Pretty nice group, and they love to help newbies.

  2. Thanks for the advice Mike.

    Did you use a pencil on the bridges? How long has it lasted?

    And I'll check out the other forum too.
  3. Yes, I used the pencil trick. So far so good, and it's been in for almost a year now. But, a number 2 pencil is NOT the best for this. Apparently the lead has to much clay and not enough graphite. I cannot honestly remember the correct number, but I had to get it from an art supply store.

  4. From what I know you really have to make choice here, do you want a Ghz proc or do you want a 133Mhz FSB?

    For Ghz proc, increase the multplier to 10X (not saying that Duron can handle it, try 8X first of course) while leaving the FSB at 100.

    For a 133Mhz FSB, lower the multipler and increase the FSB. What you are shooting for is no gain in Mhz, you will still be at 750 but with a 133Mhz FSB.

    I would go for the 133 Mhz FSB as opposed to a higher Mhz.

    Not sure if your board allows the multiplier to be adjusted via BIOS, if not, check Tom's article on overclocking AMD's socket proc's for clear information on doing it manually.


    Also, search this board, plenty of previous posts revolve around this and will answer a lot of your questions.
  5. I would set the FSB as high as possible without sacrificing stability. The FSB is important because it will improve overall system performance, not just CPU speed.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  6. I would like to up my FSB, but my Geforce does NOT like it at all. Soooo...Multiplier for me. :-)
  7. I don't understand. Why can't I have my cake (multiplier) and eat it (>=133)?

    As for the IWill Tom says:

    Overclockers should become very happy with the various features, so that this board is definitely one of the most powerful and flexible Athlon platforms right now.
  8. hmm, that is odd, I am no pro but you should be able to up your FSB to 133 while leaving your PCI at 33, the AGP therefore is at 66 (not counting 2X or 4X multipler).

    I am horrible at math, I will be straight up with that but I believe that is correct.

    My board allows that configuration in the BIOS, unfortunately the KX133 or KT133 chipsets really do not like 133Mhz FSB, you need a KT133A for it to be stable.

    mpcmike, I think that might be your limiter, not the Geforce, your board has the KT133 chipset not the KT133A. Unless you have the KT7A-RAID and left the A out in your post, in that case, nevermind.

    If you do have the KT7 not the KT7A, without doing anything CRAZY, your max FSB is about 118 Mhz.
  9. What you have to realize is the huge impact the 133Mhz FSB will have on your multiplier. it is no longer 7.5X100 it is now 7.5X133 for 997.5 Mhz. Which just may be possible. But not right off the bat and not without some serious tweaking, you have to do this gradually and find the "sweet spot" between performance and CRASH!

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  10. I have heard that that the KT7-RAID is a great board for multiplier overclocking, but not for FSB, so I think that you may be correct. And, I will rephrase to say it is my GeForce that is exhibiting the symptoms...not fair to blame the card! :-)
  11. <light bulb goes on>

    Okay, think I get it. 1Ghz is my ultimate hope here anyway. So I will try easing the FSB up - until either it crashes or CPU starts running too hot (right?).

    BTW, why did you say earlier that I should lower my multiplier and keep it at 750 when I up the FSB?

    Let's just pretend that I have already got the FSB clock up to 133, and everything is running great. What should I do next? Say a thankful prayer, or bump up the FSB or multiplier?

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  12. Well my mobo chipset not being the A version is not stable at 133 and I have not had the luxury of experimenting with that process.

    Really, I do not even overclock, I prefer to fine tune via memory,BIOS settings, O/S tweaks etc. Maybe when some applications are created that can truly stress my 700 Mhz setup, I will go in seek of more CPU power.

    If you can get your system running at 750Mhz with a 133Mhz FSB, I think you will be more than happy with the results. If not, the quest continues.................
  13. ahhh, now I get it.

    what have you gotten your FSB up to without the Geforce going out?

    You should be able to approach 118 Mhz.
  14. Actually, I think it topped out at 112. But I really didn't have the time or patience to sit and juggle settings all day to find "Stable Setting Nirvana" <grin>. I usually leave my system at stock setting anyway. The 750 T-Bird is more than fast enough for pretty much everything I do and it runs cool and stable. But the occasional tweaking session can provide an afternoon of entertainment.
  15. Hang on a minute, my mobo is 133. How does it talk to the 100 Duron? Does it have a "step-down" speed or something for that?

    Or will my 133 mobo try talking to the Duron at 133 by default? Is this dangerous? If not, then will my Duron, by default be running at 7.3*133 = 997.5?
  16. Agreed, I have my FSB at 105, which clocks my memory at 140Mhz, any higher than that and I might have to lower it to CL3 and that just ain't right.

    735Mhz is plenty for me
  17. the board should auto detect the installed CPU and set it at "default" levels but you should check those settings on your first boot.
  18. Could you remove a few letters from your post where it says cccrrraaaassshhhhh!!!

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  20. How come your post shoots over the right hand side of the screen, makes reading so difficult

    You have many replys, most good, some bad, ultimately

    Duron will work on 133FSB, nothing to worry about

    Always jump 33Mhz in FSB for maxium stability, then play with multiplier

    try not to use 103, 112, 124 etc, make sure 100 or 133 only, so when trouble starts you know its not the FSB and not only you get max stable, but easy to nail down whats causing a problem.

    Best regards
  21. No. I got that from worms 2!

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    <i><b><font color=red>"2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2"</font color=red></b></i>
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  23. Funny, but most places/people advise moving up slowly through the FSB... you have experience with Duron and the 133 FSB I assume? (no offense)

    Will the KT133a automatically cause the Duron to talk at 133? Or will I have to set that? (IWill KK266)

    If I go to 133 I assume that means I'm getting the CPU at almost 1Ghz. Should I really try for more (with the multiplier or FSB)? Is it worth the effort? And if so, would you just go ahead and close the bridges before installed the HSF so that you don't have to take it off later?

    Thanks for the help.
  24. Yes, I am a dummy, sorry about that, it should be fixed now.
  25. you will want to close the bridges rigth away, because odds of running that duron at 1gig are slim. You will have to lower multiplier with the higher FSB. If it works at 133MHz off the bat, then you can increase the FSB slowly from there. If it doesn't, you will have to go through the 105, 107, etc increments. Basically, if you system runs ok at 110MHz, then you know your peripherials will run at 143MHz. Your CPU might not, but you know the peripherials will because the divider increases.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  26. My Duron is at 1.02GHZ! (I am currently trying to get it higher but no go)

    maybe that is the physical limitations of this chip? dunno.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  27. We would expect no less from the Forum Patriarch.

    My friend was absolutely crestfallen when my 700 Athlon (tweaked of course) blew the doors off his store bought 1 Ghz Athlon setup. "It's not fair" I remember him shouting :)
  28. LOL..... well of course if he bought it from a store! it probably had a Voodoo3 1000! LOL

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  29. Quote:
    <font color=blue>Will the KT133a automatically cause the Duron to talk at 133? Or will I have to set that? (IWill KK266)

    </font color=blue>

    I own an IWILL KK266, <b><font color=purple>SWEET</b></font color=purple>. Anyways the KK266 has a jumper which you set for either 100FSB or 133FSB next to your CPU. From there you can manipulate the 1mhz increments in bios to give you a range from 100mhz to 200mhz FSB. Before you decide to jump to 133FSB (highly recommended) unlock your duron and decrease your multiplier in bios to something low as in 5.0 (665mhz) to see if your Duron can work with a 133mhz FSB, IT SHOULD but you never know until you try. From there you can manupulate CPU voltage, multiplier and FSB in bios to maximize your system capability. All I can say this is my most stabliest computer I've ever owned besides being the fastest. In June I will probably get a 1.3ghz thunderbird or Palimino if not sooner. Now I am using a Thunderbird 650 overclocked to 884mhz (136x6.5).

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  30. LOL....Geforce MX actually, not too bad there.......You want to know what is even funnier, My Athlon 700 ain't even a T-Bird, it's a Classic. Imagine that, a Classic 700 punking a T-Bird 1 Ghz.

    I am not even going to talk about the squashing the P3's got..........ROFL
  31. Cronie

    No the KT133A will not talk to the Duron automatically, you will need to set it to 133 yourself.

    Usually if I have respect for my toy, in this case my new Athlon 1000Mhz then I just jump the FSB to 133 and reduce the multiplier so that it will still run at 1000Mhz and up the multiplier.

    If it was the Duron, which I try to hold myself, but couldn't, so I just puch it to 900, since this number have extremely high chance of success. And then my punishment was that 900 was the max, can't reach other peoples value like 950 or more.

    like the usual saying when O/Cing,

    If it works, it works, else the computer never boot, or windows crash

    Yes, by all means close all the bridges at L1 before installing the HSF, you know as well as I know that one day you will, heheheh do it!

    Go for more always, ..... if only I closed the L1 bridges with the pensil properly, I would have tried higher speed than my current 1333Mhz. Dam me, it never works for me, but always work for my friend in one go.

    Best regards
  32. LOL What graphics card do you have? Better than MX probably

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
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