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Hi, I am having problems shuting down my computer. I have Win XP installed and it is not an APM issue, because it doesn't even get to the black screen were it says "windows is now ready to be shut down". It actually says "windows is shuting down" in the blue screen and after a few seconds, the HHD activity stops, so then I turn it off. I have I feeling that it is an issue with the HHD maxtor 40 GB that I have partitioned in 4 of 10 GB each. What looks weird is the fact that 3 of the partitions (not the primary of course) are formated as logical drives and not as extended, wich I am usually used to see. So please, if someone can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!!

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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. When I spend some time with my PC turned on, it doesn't shut down (it stays at the blue screen too).
    I have a HD partitioned in 2, both of them with WinXP installed.
    Please, when you have a solution or anything about this problem send me an e-mail ( ). If I discover some thing about this I will tell you.

    Thanks, André
  2. Unless you have all the eye candy off, I don’t think you will see a black screen in WinXP when shutting off, I know you will it in Win98 though. What I think you see is one primary drive and one extended drive with three logical drives in that, which is ok.

    Have you check the power options in the control panel, also in the BIOS to make sure it’s disable. Might want to run msconfig to see if shutting down anything helps, maybe kill some services. Check the Event Viewer to see if that helps. You can check here to see if this helps
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  3. You might find this useful:


    I have never seen the way that a drive is partitioned to have anything to do with whether or not a power management feature is enabled. I would suggest that you check your BIOS settings, and be sure that ACPI is the chosen power management selection, instead of APM. If ACPI is running, then you might consider installing the latest drivers for your mainboard chipset, and see if this helps with the problem. This is a good idea, in any case.

    If APM was chosen as the type of power management in the BIOS (and there can only be a choice in WinXP Pro, as WinXP Home only supports ACPI) when Windows was installed, then all power management features were disabled during the installation, and you'll have to change this to APCI, and run a "Repair" with the WinXP CD to replace the type of HAL, so that the power management feature files can be included in the operating system.

    If this doesn't correct the problem, you'll have to format and start over with ACPI enabled in the BIOS. Be sure that your hardware is APCI-compliant.

    <A HREF=";en-us;q314088" target="_new">How Windows XP Determines ACPI Compatibility</A>

    The way you have mentioned that your hard drive is partitioned is normal ... and correct. With four partitions on a single drive, the first partition should be the Primary DOS, and set as active. The next partition should be the Extended, which is not visible in Windows, as Extended partitions cannot be assigned a drive letter. The other three partitions should be Logical, and are inside the Extended partition. With a FAT32 file system, only Primary partitions and Logical Drives can be given a drive letter, and be visible from within the operating system.

    This isn't to say that it is impossible to "see" an Extended partition; third-party programs such as Partition Magic can see this kind of partition. But even formatted, an Extended partition is useless in Windows for containing data until at least one Logical Drive has been made in the partition's free space.


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