1.33GHz T-bird or Palomino?

The 1.33Ghz Athlon-C's are starting to be available it seems. This will be the last .18 micron Athlon won't it? It will certainly be the hottest Athlon.

I am wondering if I should buy one or maybe wait for the Palomino which should also show up soon? It would be nice to have a fast chip that wouldn't run as hot as the 1.33GHz T-bird undoubtably will.
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  1. AMD is switching to 0.13 micron in Jan '02. So all of the Palominos and Morgans will be 0.18 micron. Thoroughbred and Clawhammer will be the first AMDs to be made with a 0.13 micron process.

    AMD claims that Palomino is on schedule, and if it is then they should be widely available next month. However the Athlon-C's were released in January and they are still hard to find, so I wouldn't bet on AMD being on schedule with Palomino.
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