HDD, DVD-RW get's disabled by windows randomly!

Hello dear community,

I have ASUS G60J Notebook (info here), what happens is next:

I'm using it to code and design some websites and for some random playing.
The problem is occuring randomly so it strikes whenever it wants, let's say I'm watching a movie located on D: drive , the movie stops and VLC show's an error that there is no movie to play.

When I open "My computer" I can see that my second HDD is gone and I can't bring it back without restarting windows.
The same problem is happening with my DVD-RW and my USB cam, they just dissapear whenever they want to.

The only fix which is working now is manually enabling the devices in "Device manager", but I can't enable the HDD like I can do with cam and dvd drive.

Does anyone has the same problem? Is this maybe a virus?

I'm running : Windows 7 X64 Home edition with Avast antivirus, windows defender and Game booster.

Thank you for your time,
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  1. My guess would be this is less a virus and more a system driver issue. If the computer is new and still under warranty I would take it back and have it serviced, if not I would try updating the bios and anything else you can on the asus website.
  2. I'll try to update bios now, and let you know the outcome.
    thanks for a tip!
  3. Hmz, bios is on the latest version, I'll check the other drivers...
    Weird thing is that this wasn't happening before, notebook was working without any problems.
  4. than you might want to try rolling back the driver and see if that helps... drivers are a funny thing sometimes.
  5. evilavatar said:
    than you might want to try rolling back the driver and see if that helps... drivers are a funny thing sometimes.

    Drivers are really funny thing :) I'll just backup my data and re-install the windows, save myself from the pain.
    Thank's for the tips. :hello:
  6. Just an update:

    I used chkdsk D: /f and found out that I have 8 bad sectors on that HDD.
    I'll backup my data and send the notebook for repair...

    thanks for help.
  7. Another update, sorry for spamming:

    I formatted the HDD and now getting:

    312568831 KB total disk space.
    3093588 KB in 7 files.
    12 KB in 12 indexes.
    0 KB in bad sectors.
    75747 KB in use by the system.
    65536 KB occupied by the log file.
    309399484 KB available on disk.

    4096 bytes in each allocation unit.
    78142207 total allocation units on disk.
    77349871 allocation units available on disk.
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