Duron 850 vs. T-Bird 850

I am right now looking at buying a Motherboard/CPU/RAM bundle that includes the A7V133, 256MB PC133, and I can choose either a Duron 850 or T-Bird 850. My question is, is the extra $20.00 I'd be paying for the T-Bird really worth it. In other words if I'm mostly using Office Applications and light 3D gaming is the extra L2 Cache worth it? Also would the GF2MX go good with these CPU'S? Thanks for any help.

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  1. From what I know, you'll have more than enough performance with 256MB of RAM for Office applications. But if you don't play demanding 3d games much, I think your better off with the GF2MX. I don't think you'll notice any difference with the additional L2 cache from the Thunderbird in Office. As for games, the L2 cache will help but for modern 3D games, the difference doesn't even compare to buying a better 3D accelerator card.

    Is the L2 cache worth $20 bucks? Well, check these benchmarks: http://www4.tomshardware.com/cpu/01q1/010108/duron850-07.html

    If I were you, right now those $20 bucks wouldn't look so valuable. :)
  2. For only another $20? Why the hell not :smile: . A shown in several benchmarks the L2 cache makes a difference in several programs.

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  3. If you can live with unreal tourney at 800x600 and dialed down, then go with the MX. You can always overclock it later. Same deal with the Duron. In 15 months time, the 1.5ghz athlons will probably be the same $75 you'll pay for the duron now.

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  4. answer to your question:
    on one hand, the added performance would probably not be noticeable...on the other hand, it's only $20 (maybe i shouldn't say that since i try to save every dollar i can). i'm sure you would be very satisfied with the duron and the t-bird won't help you.

    added thoughts:
    i don't know your monetary situation or where you are going to purchase this bundle from so i'll just make some general statements... it might be more cost effective (or be better for future upgrades) to get a kt133A motherboard (the A is for 133mhz ddr fsb support) and a duron 700-750 (best price according to pricewatch). it is almost a certainty that it will overclock to AT LEAST 850, which is what you are looking to get anyway. the $$ you save on the slightly slower duron will make up for the few extra $$ to get the kt133A mobo. this will be good for future upgrades because the board wil fully support the new 133mhz ddr fsb t-birds and down the road you can just pop in a 1.33ghz t-bird. that's just my $.02
  5. Have a look at this direct comparison and decide for yourself.

    <A HREF="http://www.tech-report.com/reviews/2000q4/athlon-vs-duron/" target="_new">http://www.tech-report.com/reviews/2000q4/athlon-vs-duron/</A>
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