Project Tualatin prepare for 2.26 ghz...

Well it seems that the Tualatin will come out at 1.13mhz at .13 micron process. So if i could get my p3 500e @ 1ghz w/ .13 micron process "RIP my good Friend, you served me well :*( " . So i have all my stuff and i got my pelter replaced for FREE !!!. I'm ready for Tualatin my i815ep mobo is ready to kick-ass whip every processor a run for its money. Well i need support, not $$$ support. Well i hope everyone wishes me good luck when the Tualatin comes out, and i will have a screen shot showing 2.26ghz next time. Well have got a celeron(p2) 533 @ 600mhz right now so i last till the Tualatin. I might get a ALi or SiS DDR mobo if it comes out on time.

RCF84's "real p4"
Tualatin core w/ SSE2
non-ddr 200fsb
Pc150 or 100mhz DDR

Warning: NO Intel bashers may reply...

My p3 broke :*( Well Tualatin is coming :*)
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  1. Dude, I've always wanted a 1.13mhz upgrade.... now i can get rid of atari2600!

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  2. so lets get this straight, you bragged and bragged about your p3 500 running at 1ghz. then it broke. and now you want to do the same thing...again.....

    ok, brag all you want :-/

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  3. The cpu broke cuz the pelter broke. The company had replaced the pelter. So im waiting for Tualatin and take it to the max.

    My p3 broke :*( Well Tualatin is coming :*)
  4. Hey, one question arises-did you really need a peltier to get that high? Don't most PIII's go to at least 975 with AIR COOLING? A huge heatsink and super-loud fan maybe?

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