How to lock passport drive

I have hgst hard passport drive .i wan to lock it so no one can access it. plz tell me can i lock single partition on the drive

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  1. If it is formatted for NTFS an easy way would be to encrypt all the files.
  2. is a very good free encryption program. Be sure to write down the password you create, if you salt it good it is impossible to break.

    it has some nice features that other options dont. some other options make the drives read only after they have been encrypted, but not true crypt.
  3. use Disk Password Protection program .. by it you can easily lock a single partition or entire harddisk ... it will not appear in your explorer or you can not do anything with it .. until its protection will not be disable .. but its a good solution ...
    Draw back:
    1. you need always this program .. at the time of disabling the protection you can use its portable copy..
    2. enabling and disabling of protection are always manual ..

    Amit Sharma : email:-
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