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I built 2 computers with Phenom 2 4x4 chips.
I am looking for a laptop and I have no idea of how to compare current AMD and Intel chips for speed power usage, battery life etc. What AMD chips are equivalent to i3,i5,i7 chips?
With the new Intel chips, the Intel laptops with the old chips are selling close to the prices of the AMD laptops. I want good graphics but, no gaming.
Is Intel or AMD the better buy? I have been looking at HP laptops.
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    First up, desktop processors are very different to laptop processors. Also, Intel more or less dominates the laptop market, especially the upper end of it.

    Also, looking at HP laptops is fine but do not go anywhere near Dell at all. Consider ASUS and Lenovo in your searches also. HP pretty much restricts you to various DV6 models with the ATI 5650M GPU. It is a solid card and will do you fine for entertainment and light gaming.

    Otherwise look at something with an ATI 5730M, they are decent and will last longer. They also have better power usage.

    Here are some links to sections of the NoteBookCheck website. They will help you choose the CPU and GPU that are best for you. It will also show you how the laptop processors compare to the desktop ones.

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