My asus after windows instalation is restarting over and over again

Hello, i instaled windows 7 ultimate on my laptop, asus k53sj model,after a good instalation when to enter in normal mode ,appears the starting log windows and then an image with asus log and then my laptop is restarting. Then this story is happen again and normal start of windows...i can'nt belive this..and i tried to go in repair mode and didnt worked or in safe mode its happen with same story with restarting...
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  1. Almost certainly it's a hardware issue - a vital hardware device is probably faulty.
    Start the troubleshooting process by testing the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS which loads from a bootable CD and is downloaded as an ISO CD-image file. The links are here:

    You can create the CD from the downloaded ISO file by using IMGBurn:
    When you've made the CD, boot your faulty Asus laptop from it.

    If the hard drive passes the test you should then test the RAM modules with Memtest86+:

    That, too, loads from a bootable CD so the procedure for creating and using the CD is the same as for the hard drive test. Test each RAM module separately with three passes of the test routine on each one. Then if errors appear you will know which, if any, module is faulty.
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