About to upgrade just want to know how this works

So i am about to upgrade my Motherboard and CPU, I heard that when upgrade my code for my windows will expire or not work so i was wondering how i can either reactivate it or see if it is unactivated
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  1. Right click My Computer and click properties. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen to see your windows activation.
  2. if it is oem, no, you will need a new copy. if it is a retail, should be able to just activation it again.
  3. ok so i installed my motherboard and it would not boot so i reinstalled windows, i then ran the installer and it said i used my code to many times... i sweet talked them into giving me a code last time :P so i was about to call when a piece of paper fell out of the box after i through the box across the room XD the paper had a code that worked so not im just installing all of my programs etc
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